HistoGenetics Expands Service Offerings and Capacity to Deliver More Complete Genomic Information

Nov. 17, 2020 12:30 UTC


With optical mapping, long-read sequencing, single-cell analysis, and other advanced genomic technologies, HistoGenetics supports projects for clinical, translational, and research applications


OSSINING, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- HistoGenetics, a global leader in high-resolution HLA typing, today announced the expansion of its genomic services lab to cover a broad range of life science applications, from basic research to translational and clinical experiments.

Established in 1999, HistoGenetics offers a large array of tissue-typing and genomic services and has a long history of high-throughput, high-volume, and high-speed sequencing projects using a diverse range of platforms. With its recent genomic service expansion, the company now offers state-of-the-art technology for:

  • Whole genome sequencing
  • RNA sequencing (single-cell or bulk analysis)
  • Single-cell sequencing
  • Microbiome sequencing
  • Optical mapping
  • Genotyping

“At HistoGenetics, we are committed to running a high-quality service lab and generating the best results for our customers for experiments ranging from cancer genomics and neurological disease studies to evolutionary biology research and more,” said Nezih Cereb, CEO and Co-founder of HistoGenetics. “We know that researchers need the most complete results possible with the fastest turnaround time. We are proud to meet those goals and offer competitive pricing as well.”

The HistoGenetics genomic services lab runs platforms from technology leaders such as 10x Genomics, Bionano Genomics, Illumina, and Pacific Biosciences. The company is a certified service provider for the PacBio Sequel System and Sequel II System as well as for optical genome mapping on the Bionano Saphyr platform. HistoGenetics works closely with various research groups to develop custom genotyping solutions as well.

HistoGenetics also recently added COVID-19 testing to its service offering.

HistoGenetics was the first laboratory in the U.S. to be accredited to use next-generation sequencing and long-read sequencers for HLA sequence-based typing in high-volume projects. Since its inception, it has supported millions of cost-effective HLA SBT sequencing assignments for donor registries, pharmacogenomics teams, donor centers, cord blood typing and transplant centers, and HLA laboratories.

About HistoGenetics

HistoGenetics provides cost-effective HLA sequence-based typing services based on the latest state-of-the-art robotics and bioinformatics technologies for donor registries, pharmacogenomics, donor centers, cord blood typing, transplant centers, and HLA laboratories around the world. Through a proprietary process developed by Dr. Soo Young Yang and Dr. Nezih Cereb, HistoGenetics provides high- and low-throughput molecular tissue typing services at their high-tech facilities in the New York metropolitan area with an emphasis on extremely high quality and fast turnaround times. For more information, visit: www.histogenetics.com.


Nezih Cereb, PhD


Source: HistoGenetics

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