HealthSnap and StrongPath™ Announce Strategic Partnership to Address Chronic Condition Management


MIAMI, Oct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- HealthSnap, a leading digital and lifestyle health platform, and StrongPath™, a startup dedicated to addressing sarcopenia and other chronic diseases largely caused by inactivity, poor diet and other unhealthy behaviors, today announced a strategic partnership to leverage HealthSnap's wellness and lifestyle data analytics platform to help Americans at risk or diagnosed with sarcopenia and allow both companies to expand their impact in the areas of aging and lifestyle health. HealthSnap is also announcing that StrongPath has made a strategic investment in the company to help expand its lifestyle data analytics platform that is being used by leading hospitals and health systems. HealthSnap will be showcasing its platform at the HLTH 2019 Conference on October 27-30th at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

HealthSnap partners with leading health systems, medical providers, and corporate wellness programs around the country to prevent and reverse chronic diseases by translating lifestyle health data into a proprietary Lifestyle Profile™ that provides both patients and providers with meaningful, actionable insight into their lifestyle health. By partnering with StrongPath, HealthSnap builds on its successful track record of addressing chronic and lifestyle diseases to help aging Americans live to their full potential well into old age.

"We're excited to partner with StrongPath and bring them on as a strategic investor given their expertise related to healthy aging and sarcopenia," said HealthSnap Co-Founder and CEO Yenvy Truong. "By leveraging HealthSnap's remote patient monitoring and lifestyle data analytics platform, StrongPath will develop new data-driven systems that will provide research-based recommendations to help physicians guide rehabilitation efforts for the millions of Americans at risk or diagnosed with sarcopenia."

HealthSnap's Lifestyle Profile™ provides both patients and providers with a full longitudinal picture of an individual's vital signs, activity, nutrition and behaviors in one location to easily create personalized, educational and data-driven roadmaps to health for every patient. With StrongPath, HealthSnap builds on its successful track record of addressing chronic and lifestyle diseases to help aging Americans live to their full potential well into older age. The HealthSnap platform makes patient lifestyle data easy to understand by taking a data-driven approach to preventive care. After a patient's information is recorded, it generates personalized recommendations, sends HIPAA-secure messages and tracks individual and population outcomes with advanced analytics.

"In partnering with HealthSnap, StrongPath will now be able to empower patients with personalized insights, support providers by elevating their quality of care, and decrease costs for insurance providers and other payers by preventing expensive chronic conditions like sarcopenia," said StrongPath CEO Jeff Camp. "Through our investment in HealthSnap, both companies will be better positioned to enable patients, providers, and payers to more easily engage with one another, which will ultimately drive down costs and let people live healthier lives."

Further support for HealthSnap's growing platform came in September when The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) announced the addition of HealthSnap's lifestyle health and patient engagement platform to its Lifestyle Medicine Corporate Roundtable, a group of individuals and organizations whose collective vision is sustainable human health, a sustainable health care system and a sustainable world.

About HealthSnap

HealthSnap is a technology-enabled service company providing an analytics platform that uses consumer-generated data to generate a Lifestyle Profile™ that gives patients and providers an insightful, actionable summary of an individual's overall lifestyle health. By taking the extra step to make sense of data from wearables, remote sensors, and patient questionnaires, HealthSnap empowers individuals and clinicians with the tools and knowledge to prevent or reverse debilitating and expensive lifestyle-related chronic disease. To learn more about HealthSnap, visit: and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About StrongPath

StrongPath™ believes that anyone willing to put in the work can become healthier and stronger at any age. StrongPath is about the impact strength training has on health and well-being, and it is dedicated to giving everyone the tools they need to be strong and vibrant. Choosing the StrongPath will help you—whether you are 40, 50, 60, or older—to become much stronger and healthier, and to hold on to the life you love. There has been far more research about this than you might imagine, and the science develops daily. will keep you up to date on all the news.

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