HAMLET Pharma Appoints Issa PR to Launch First Major Clinical Trials for a New Cancer Killing Molecule

The Breakthrough Discovery Using Breast Milk Will Complete in 2019

LONDON, May 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A research group in Lund, led by Professor Catharina Svanborg, discovered in 1995 that a component of human breast milk kills tumour cells without harming mature, healthy cells. Further experiments and studies have shown that the effect is due to the most common protein in human milk, alpha-lactalbumin, but in a new complex form with oleic acid. This new biological complex was called Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to tumour cells, abbreviated HAMLET. As part of the breakthrough discovery, the first major clinical trials for the company will take place in Prague this spring with subsequent trials following. Luxury, lifestyle and philanthropy brand marketing agency, Issa PR, has been appointed to handle the global launch of HAMLET Pharma in the UK and US. Issa PR will handle international media relations for the clinical trials (phase I/II to phase III), as well as the creation of a documentary to chronicle the work of the seminal discovery.

The discovery of HAMLET defines a new class of cancer drug with broad effects against cancers of different origin with greater precision to kill tumour cells than most current drugs. The phase I study with 40 patients with bladder cancer - the fastest growing and most expensive cancer to treat will complete in June following which, a second dose-finding study will take place later this year. Phase II studies will focus on colon cancer, bladder cancer, common and hard cured cancers. HAMLET Pharma has 35 patents for the manufacturing and use of HAMLET, as well as the second-generation drug Alpha1H of the HAMLET molecule. HAMLET has been found to kill more than forty types of cancer cells to date in vitro, including brain cancer and colon cancer. HAMLET has been published in The New England Journal of Medicine, GUT, Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, USA).

Issa PR is a brand marketing and public relations agency co-headquartered in London and New York with team members across the US and Europe. Previous clients and work include: The United Nations to launch their first ever Augmented Reality campaign for World Food Program, Vogue Italia, Warner Bros. Records, Pernod Ricard for Absolut and Absolut Elyx, Def Jam Records and many others. Other NGO campaigns, include work for START, an non-profit that rescues orphans displaced by the war in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, The UAE and India, and Many Hopes, a non-profit that rescues children from poverty, corruption and abuse in Kenya.

''We are thrilled to select Issa PR to help launch our first major clinical trials for HAMLET in hope of finding a cure for multiple types of cancer. We have been encouraged by our initial studies over the past few years, and we look forward to further evaluating the efficacy of HAMLET in these important trials. We selected Issa PR given their impressive work for clients around the globe, as well as extensive depth and breadth in both philanthropy and launching groundbreaking world news,' says Professor Catharina Svanborg, Chairman of the Board.

''We are deeply honoured to represent HAMLET in their efforts to find a possible cure for cancer. With two decades of unwavering passion, commitment and truly remarkable work to date, Issa PR is proud to elevate HAMLET Pharma to a global audience to underscore the importance of the team's research and innovative discoveries. Evaluating the efficacy of HAMLET in these important trials is a critical first step towards the potential of making history for one of the deadliest diseases in the world," said Viet N'Guyen, CEO and founder of Issa PR.

About HAMLET Pharma

HAMLET Pharma, listed on Spotlight, develops drugs based on the unique tumoricidal protein-lipid complex, HAMLET, formed by two natural and harmless molecules found in breast milk. Development focuses primarily on drugs, for the treatment and prevention of cancer. HAMLET kills tumour cells and has proven safe in proof-of-concept studies in animal models. HAMLET has also shown therapeutic efficacy on skin papillomas in a placebo-controlled clinical trial and caused shedding of dead cancer cells, after injection into the bladders of patients with bladder cancer. A phase I/II clinical trial is currently under way in patients with bladder cancer, using the synthetic peptide-based compound Alpha1H. HAMLET is a registered trademark of HAMLET Pharma.

About Issa PR

Luxury and philanthropy brand strategy and PR agency Issa PR is co-headquartered in London and New York with team members across the US and Europe. Creating captivating campaigns and thoughtful dialogue, Issa PR represents luxury fashion, art, entertainment, philanthropy and social good clients. With over 15 years experience traversing the luxury, lifestyle and philanthropy industry, the dynamic team is comprised of a global network of experts, influencers and leading-edge creatives. Clients have included: Absolut Elyx and Absolut Masterbrand, Vogue Italia, Def Jam Records, Warner Bros. Records, Davidoff Cool Water, and The United Nations. For more information, visit www.issa-pr.com or follow Issa at @IssaPRofficial on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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