Gyros Protein Technologies introduces PurePep Sonata+ peptide synthesizer

March 2, 2022 14:22 UTC

Next-generation mid-pilot scale peptide synthesizer provides more reliable, robust, and improved workflows

UPPSALA, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Gyros Protein Technologies AB, a leading provider of peptide synthesizers and reagents and a pioneer in automated nanoliter-scale immunoassays, today announced the launch of PurePep® Sonata®+, a mid-pilot scale peptide synthesizer. The new system is an upgraded version of the Company’s previous model, Sonata® XT, known for its reliability and robustness, to further strengthen the Company’s offering.

The upgrade, PurePep Sonata+, builds on the ability of Sonata XT through the introduction of real-time flow technology, a non-invasive method to continually monitor the flow rate of fluids within the system, which enables accurate and precise fluid transfers for a range of viscosities. The need to calibrate is thereby minimised, and workflows that previously required one day for fluid calibration are significantly shortened. The Company’s proprietary valve block system, the PurePep Pathway, is also integrated to ensure no cross-contamination, for reliable peptide purity. With a reduced calibration time to streamline and shorten workflows, improved reliability and robustness, the new peptide synthesizer is easy to operate, and the intuitive software platform, designed for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, facilitates an easy transition from the bench scale PurePep® Chorus to mid-pilot scale.

Mark Vossenaar, Vice President, General Manager, Gyros Protein Technologies, commented: “The introduction of PurePep Sonata+ represents our commitment to building on the Company’s proven expertise and heritage to implement innovative technologies that continue to improve performance. With new intuitive software and hardware improvements, PurePep Sonata+ is much easier to operate and offers even greater reliability than Sonata XT, reinforcing confidence in our peptide synthesizers for research and development.”

Beta site scientist, added: “We beta-tested PurePep Sonata+ and found the platform easy-to-use whilst yielding robust, reliable results. The reduced calibration is a great improvement and, with software that allows us to program new syntheses as we run another, it is an invaluable asset for delivering high purity peptides more quickly.”

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