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PORT NECHES, Texas, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Most people don't realize that if you treat osteoarthritis early, you can often prevent more invasive treatment such as a knee replacement. Those who begin having knee problems at a young age, such as 35, often ignore their problems. This causes them further damage and reduces their treatment options.

Patients at in Port Neches, Texas are regaining mobility through what some call "rooster comb" injections. Dr. Gerstenberg says, "When you have osteoarthritis, your built-in 'shock-absorber' is broken. The cushioning is compromised up to the point of even being 'bone-on-bone.' The longer you let them grind, the more pain and damage you have." This treatment helps heal that cushion, which prevents further damage.

But this is not just about replacing the fluid. uses fluoroscopy, or "live x-ray", to ensure the injection is placed properly into the synovial capsule. Most patients also receive an off-loading brace, which gives the rooster comb injection a chance to do its best job.

For those who want to accelerate their healing, the clinic offers PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections. This is done by drawing the patient's own blood, processing it in a special centrifuge, and then injecting the PRP of the blood back into the injured area. PRP calls the body's growth factors to the injected area, prompting the body to heal itself. This is a regenerative medicine procedure.

"It just depends on what each patient needs and what they feel is most valuable to them. Insurance doesn't pay for PRP therapy, since PRP isn't a drug," says Nurse Practitioner Brandi Wright. "We figure out a treatment plan with each patient. And if their knee is too damaged for us to help them, or other care is needed, we tell them at that first consult. That's why you shouldn't put off scheduling your consultation!"'s phone number is 409.210.3336, and they are located at 2645 Nall St, Port Neches, Texas. You don't have to be a primary care patient to participate in this treatment. Their website is and you can email them at

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