Fresenius Kabi AG Restricts Propofol Use for Executions

Published: Sep 27, 2012

As a result of a campaign by activists to pressure drugmakers to prevent their medications from being used in the US for lethal injections, Fresenius Kabi recently adopted a new policy in which orders from any corrections officials for its Propofol drug will be rejected. Propofol is an anaesthetic that has been used for executions in the wake of shortages of other medications. The move is seen as significant because Fresenius is the sole supplier in the US. Late last month, the German drugmaker wrote a letter to healthcare providers to say that using Propofol for executions is “contrary to the FDA approved indications” and “inconsistent” with its “mission” and “objects to the use of its products in any manner that is not in full accordance with approved indications.” The August 28 letter, which was only disclosed publicy as of today, was signed by Scott Meacham, the chief commercial officer for Fresenius Kabi USA.

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