Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Joins Medical Cannabis Company Univo

ASHKELON, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Univo Pharmaceuticals Ltd (TASE: UNVO.TA) (, the one-stop-shop solution for medical cannabis from seed to market, announces today that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is joining the company as an investor and professional advisor.

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(Photo: Ehud Olmert)

(Photo: Ehud Olmert)

This news follows recent Univo achievements since the beginning of 2019, such as the securing of all four licenses for the cultivation, research and development, production, and distribution of its own cannabis products; assuming ownership of 74% of the Amit Cannabis growth farm; and signing an exclusive agreement to develop the formulation for Veoli’s new cannabis inhaler. Univo is currently traded on the Tel Aviv Stock exchange.

The addition of Ehud Olmert to a leading medical cannabis company builds on his vast experience in the health space. Olmert is currently the head of Israel’s Public Council for Healthy Lifestyles, and he leads a private VC that invests in top medical technology companies in Israel. As Israel’s Minister of Health from 1990-1992, Olmert spearheaded well-known reforms, such as the legislation of the National Health Insurance law. Olmert will contribute his vast experience and help promote Univo’s business goals both in Israel and globally, and will support the company’s future fundraising efforts.

Univo conducts all of its research in-house and will continue development in its new 750m² facility, which includes an on-site R&D laboratory. Using this facility, Univo will continue to grow high-quality cannabis while developing a diverse product line using innovative technologies and unique medical cannabis strain genetics. Univo’s achievements in the medical cannabis space will help Israel become a focal point for medical cannabis development worldwide.

“The tech revolution has entered the medical cannabis space and is expediting all R&D, manufacturing, and even regulatory procedures, with the goal of relieving pain for patients suffering from a spectrum of diseases,” says former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. “Israel is stepping up and joining the world’s most progressive nations in developing a pivotal local industry that has the potential to contribute to global medical cannabis R&D efforts. After I examined Israel’s top medical cannabis companies, I chose to contribute my experience and knowledge to Univo, because I believe that Univo has the best chance of becoming an independent entity when it comes to manufacturing and distributing top cannabis-based products. I am thankful for the opportunity to step in and help this company become a global leader.”

“I am proud of this partnership with a fierce leader with a distinguished track record,” says Ido Hagag, one of Univo’s key investors. “I have no doubt that Mr. Olmert’s connections with global markets and his capabilities in the health sector will help steer our company towards improving patient care world wide.”

“After Mr. Ehud Olmert took a close look at the top names in the Israeli medical cannabis sector, and after visiting our factory, which is the most technologically advanced when it comes to manufacturing and distributing cannabis-based products to the world, he had no doubt he would choose to work with Univo exclusively. We’re proud to have Mr. Olmert supporting our vision and putting his trust in our manufacturing and supply chain. This is a major milestone for Univo that soon enough will bear fruit.”

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Yossi Hatan - CFO
Dr. Shaul Mukhtar- consulting
Dr. Ilana Lavon - VP, R&D
Omer Layani - Formulator, R&D Advisor



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(Photo: Ehud Olmert)

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