Ever Wonder How Bristol-Myers Squibb Company' Sales Reps Get Motivated?

Published: Aug 21, 2012

For those of you keeping track of the varying ways that drugmakers attempt to motivate their sales reps, we bring you another in a series of superhuman characters. Last week, you may recall, there was Indi Yaz A Jones, a cartoon used by Bayer to help its sales force promote the Yaz contraceptive (back story). This week, we introduce Hirbe Powers, the ‘extreme rep trainer’ who Bristol-Myers Squibb used to promote Avapro and Avalide hypertension meds. Hirbe, as you can see by watching the videos here, was a fast-talking, superconfident and self-described contagious motivator. “Since he came on board, we’ve seen a huge upswing in energy and passion around the home office,” says ‘Markus Hinderberger,’ an Avapro and Avalide marketing manager. “He’s got an infectious energy to him… In this market, with the competitors we’re facing, we can all use a little ‘Power!’

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