ECI Biotech Announces Joint Partnership With Systagenix Wound Management

Published: Sep 24, 2010

September 23, 2010 — ECI Biotech, a premier developer of diagnostic sensors that will ultimately transform the way pathogens are detected in wound care and Systagenix, a leading medical device company specializing in cutting-edge chronic wound care solutions, today announced an exciting new partnership and agreement in producing affordable diagnostic sensors to aid in the better diagnosis and treatment of chronic wound infections.

Systagenix and ECI Biotech have entered into a licensing and manufacturing agreement that will produce diagnostic sensors for wound management. The long-term agreement will allow ECI to open a manufacturing facility in Worcester, MA, creating new jobs in the Worcester region.

ECI has a broad bacterial detection capability that has profound implications in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic wound infections. Even the best clinicians have trouble giving the proper diagnosis of chronic wounds that have underlying conditions such as redness and swelling. Traditional systems take 2-3 days to get culture results from a clinical lab. Having a rapid point-of-care diagnostic will allow clinicians to give the best care to their patients in less time.

Dr. Mitchell Sanders, the CEO and Founder of ECI Biotech, said, "We are delighted to partner with Systagenix, the most innovative, professional wound care company in the world. Our goal is to assist in the proper and early diagnosis of disease to improve care and reduce unnecessary costs and therapies. This partnership will allow ECI to fulfill our mission of providing affordable diagnostic sensors that will assist clinicians in making a correct point-of-care diagnosis of infection in chronic wounds, currently problematic due to a reliance on patient symptoms."

Steve Atkinson, CEO of Systagenix Wound Management, said, "In our quest to retain world-class partnerships with innovative companies, ECI Biotech was a logical choice for us. With this partnership Systagenix consolidates its ownership of the intellectual property for key markers identified by the World Union of Wound Healing Societies in their 2008 Consensus Document on Diagnostics and Wounds. Together with its manufacturing and development partners Systagenix will be able to exclusively deliver a range of breakthrough, rapid diagnostic devices that will enable clinicians around the world to better treat and heal people's wounds"

Dr. Susan Windham-Bannister, President & CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, said "We are so pleased to see this partnership between one of our local biotechnology companies and Systagenix, a global company that has chosen Massachusetts as the location for their Headquarters for the Americas. These sorts of partnerships are part of what makes Massachusetts a global leader in the life sciences. This is an agreement that will create jobs in Massachusetts, while improving patient care."

About ECI Biotech

Founded in 1998, ECI Biotech is a premier developer of affordable diagnostic sensors trademarked as ExpressDetect®. ECI has developed technology targeted at prognosing chronic and acute wound infections that include a dressing sensor and a rapid point of care diagnostic. ECI has corporate partnerships in the areas of wound care, oral care, orthapedics, surgical and infection control. If you're interested in partnering with ECI, visit

About Systagenix

Systagenix develops a wide array of innovative products to treat acute and chronic wounds. Their ongoing commitment and dedication is to provide the patients and the clinical community with innovative solutions to heal wounds. A global leader in wound care, Systagenix recently located its North, American Headquarters in Quincy, Massachusetts. For more information about Systagenix and their products, visit

About the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center ("the Center") is a quasi-public agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts tasked with implementing the Massachusetts Life Sciences Act, a ten-year, $1 billion initiative that was signed into law in June of 2008. The Center's mission is to create jobs in the life sciences and support vital scientific research that will improve the human condition. This work includes making financial investments in public and private institutions that are advancing life sciences research, development and commercialization as well as building ties between sectors of the Massachusetts life sciences community. For more information, visit

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