Drug Regulators in the Jury Box (Wyeth v. Levine Decision)

Published: Mar 13, 2009

Washington Post -- Diana Levine, a professional guitarist, "showed up at the hospital for the second time in one day complaining of 'intractable' migraines, 'terrible pain,' inability to 'bear light or sound,' sleeplessness, [and] hours-long spasms of 'retching' and 'vomiting.' " She was injected with an anti-nausea drug called Phenergan. The label on Phenergan says six times, in different ways, some of them in boldface capital letters, that if Phenergan gets into the arteries, the result can be disastrous. Nevertheless, a physician's assistant used the wrong method of injection, and Levine's arm turned gangrenous and ultimately had to be amputated.

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