CrossBay Medical’s Newly Launched Website Demonstrates Patient-Friendly CrossGlide Technology Platform

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- CrossBay Medical, Inc., a health technology company focused on humanizing the delivery of women’s healthcare, has announced the launch of a new website, introducing its CrossGlide™ technology platform. The site, features animation and videos unveiling the CrossGlide concept and how it works to enhance and improve the patient experience for cervical access procedures.

CrossBay’s CrossGlide platform technology is already being utilized in multiple cervical access applications. Late last year, medical device company Hologic announced the launch of its Definity™ cervical dilator device with its SureAccess™ balloon, which incorporates CrossGlide technology, to gently and effortlessly access uterine cavities without a tenaculum, lessening patient discomfort and reducing risk of perforation during dilation.

The Definity cervical dilator, also designed to eliminate multiple passes and minimize false tracking, reducing injury to the cervix, even in patients with complex or challenging cervical anatomy, is the second innovative application to incorporate CrossGlide. It follows on the heels of Vitrolife’s acquisition of licensing rights to use CrossGlide in its embryo transfer product. In addition, the company recently announced that its third product, the Endometrial Tissue Sampler (ETS) using CrossGlide has received European clearance with US FDA clearance pending.

"Now that multiple products utilizing CrossGlide are on the market, there is a greater opportunity for cervical access procedures to have less patient discomfort with reduced risks for patients,” said Piush Vidyarthi, CEO, CrossBay Medical, Inc. "It’s been exciting to join forces with forward-thinking companies that share our mission to bring women’s care into the 21st century in terms of empathy for the patient and her experience during procedures. Finally, there is an option that reduces risk, increases patient comfort and empowers physicians. CrossGlide is a platform technology that is intended to resolve the issues with cervical access and does away with the use of archaic tools.”

Vidyarthi noted that CrossBay plans to develop products for office-based gynecology using CrossGlide wherever cervical access is required, including products for endometrial tissue sampling, IUD insertion, and hysteroscopy.

About CrossBay Medical, Inc.

CrossBay Medical, Inc. is a health technology company driven by its singular mission to modernize the delivery of women’s healthcare on a global level. CrossBay also serves as a strategic innovation partner to large medical device firms interested in incorporating the company’s game-changing CrossGlide technology into their suites of patient-friendly product offerings.


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Source: CrossBay Medical, Inc.

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