Bulletproof Announces Official Spinoff Of Bulletproof Labs; Now Upgrade Labs™


Bulletproof 360, Inc. announced today that it will spinoff Bulletproof LabsTM, the brainchild of famed biohacker, science author, and Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey. Bulletproof Labs will operate under the new name, Upgrade LabsTM (Upgradelabs.com). While the original Santa Monica Labs will retain its Bulletproof name, the company plans to quickly expand under the new Upgrade Labs brand name. With an AI-driven stack of more than 15 different technologies to improve mental and physical performance in less time, Bulletproof Labs is the world's first human upgrade facility offering state-of-the-art biohacking equipment to the public.

"Dave Asprey conceived Labs as a project based on his mission to radically improve lives and help people gain access to the same technologies he's used to upgrade himself," said Martin Tobias, CEO of Upgrade Labs. "With the success of our initial location in Santa Monica and support of the Bulletproof team, we are now well positioned to expand the Upgrade Labs brand, focus on a new mission, and raise new funding. While we now have a new name, we will always be a part of the Bulletproof family."

Bulletproof CEO and Founder Dave Asprey spent more than two decades and $1 million experimenting with cutting-edge equipment and technology to hack his own biology, losing 100 pounds and improving his mental and physical performance in the process. Upgrade Labs applies a series of these biohacks to improve members' performance and recovery by training at a cellular level, which produces rapid and measurable results to unlock the full potential of their minds and bodies. Labs uses state-of-the-art biohacking equipment, including pulsed electromagnet fields, EEG neurofeedback, light therapy, oxygen, liquid nitrogen fueled cryotherapy, and many others previously only available to elite athletes and celebrities, or in university laboratories. Members focus on recovery, immune system function, cellular health, weight loss, sleep improvement, and cognitive performance. Upgrade Labs uses custom, proprietary "stacks" to allow members to reach their goals through a tracked and adaptive process, taking the guesswork out of physical and cognitive transformation by relying on data specific to their biology.

"I created Bulletproof Labs with the dream of sharing biohacking technology that has completely changed my life and will change the lives of many more to come," said Dave Asprey, CEO and Founder of Bulletproof. "It's possible to improve more quickly than Mother Nature intended. I'm thrilled for Upgrade Labs to reach more people and am confident that Martin will supercharge the mission to bring Upgrade Labs to the next level."

With exciting partnerships and new locations already planned, Upgrade Labs is looking to expand nationwide as the leader in human performance, helping everyone reach their potential to be superhuman.

For a full list of services, or to book your appointment at Upgrade Labs, please visit www.upgradelabs.com for more information.

About Upgrade Labs
Based in Santa Monica, CA and the brainchild of Bulletproof founder, Dave Asprey, Upgrade Labs is the world's first Biohacking Health and Fitness facility which utilizes technology to help members reach their highest level of physical, cognitive and cellular performance through unique training and wellness programs. Upgrade Labs' data-driven technology uses measurable and trackable results, all driven by science with the goal of optimizing one's overall health. These onsite technologies work together to optimize multiple biomarkers, which show lower levels of inflammation, improved cognitive function, quickened muscle growth and optimized hormone levels. Services include personal physical and cognitive training, as well as a collection of wellness treatments aimed at improving overall recovery and mobility. Membership packages are available and include a tailored selection of services. Additionally, guests are able to come in and purchase individual wellness treatments or access singular programs.

About Bulletproof 360
Bulletproof is a leading-edge food, beverage, and content company best known for the widely popular Bulletproof Coffee and starting the smart fat for fuel movement. The company provides science-based information, techniques, and products to help people take steps toward a sharper, stronger self through better performance, increased focus, and enhanced energy. Founded by the creator of biohacking and New York Times bestselling science author Dave Asprey, Bulletproof is on a mission to create products that radically improve lives. Bulletproof products are sold in Whole Foods and other leading retailers nationwide, Bulletproof Cafés, and online at Bulletproof.com and Amazon.com. Learn more about Bulletproof through the Webby-award winning podcast Bulletproof Radio, the New York Times bestselling books The Bulletproof Diet and Head Strong, and the Bulletproof Blog. Twitter: @bpnutrition Instagram: @bulletproof https://www.bulletproof.com/

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