Bonum Therapeutics to Present on its Novel Platform for Generating Conditionally Activated Targeted Therapies at Keystone Conference


Presentations will highlight the power of Bonum’s proprietary protein engineering technology to generate less toxic, more effective regulated medicines and support clinical development of its lead asset, a conditionally active cLAG3-IL2


SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Bonum Therapeutics a biotechnology company that is using its proprietary platform for conditional regulation to create highly active and less toxic medicines, today announced that it will present data on a new class of protein therapeutics with the potential for increased safety and efficacy in a wide range of biologic targets and disease areas. Scientists from Bonum will present two posters at the upcoming Keystone Symposium, “Antibodies as Drugs: The Art in Antibody Engineering,” which will be held May 5-8 at the Beaver Run Conference Center in Breckenridge, CO.

“We are excited about the success of our platform technology with multiple conditionally active target/effector combinations, and we are particularly encouraged by the rapid progress of our lead program, cLAG3-IL2,” said John Mulligan, PhD, Bonum’s CEO and founder. “These presentations detail the strengths of Bonum’s platform technology and its application to the company’s lead asset.”

Details of the poster presentations are as follows:

Title: “Development of a new class of targeted and conditional cytokine therapeutics using a novel dual-binding antibody-based platform.”

Abstract: This poster will highlight Bonum’s unique dual-binding antibody platform technology which allows the generation of therapeutics with targeted, conditional cytokine activity only when bound to a selected marker. While the company’s current focus is on the development of therapeutics incorporating immunostimulatory cytokines, its technology can be applied to the regulation of any functional protein moieties, including agonist and antagonistic antibody binding domains, growth factors, and receptors.

Title: “A novel method for generating regulated cytokine therapeutics: Safety and activity of a conditionally active cLAG3-IL2 in a simple antibody format.”

Abstract: This poster will highlight a conditionally active therapeutic called cLAG3-IL2, which targets IL-2 to LAG-3+ cells while remaining systemically inert, even at high treatment doses. The in vivo safety and efficacy data described in this poster demonstrate that this program is suitable for clinical development.

The conference organizers have selected Bonum’s poster on its cLAG3-IL2 program for presentation as a short talk during the session “Orchestrating Immune Defense Against Cancer by Antibody Engineering” on May 7 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Dr. Mulligan will give the talk, titled “A novel method for generating regulated cytokine therapeutics: Safety and activity of a conditionally active cLAG3-IL2 in a simple antibody format.”

The posters will be available on the Bonum website on Monday, May 6, at noon Mountain Time.

Bonum is developing new therapies based on its proprietary platform of conditionally active therapeutics. The company is a spinout of Good Therapeutics, which developed the technology that Bonum is advancing. The merits of the platform were validated by the Roche acquisition of Good Therapeutics for its PD-1-regulated IL-2 program in September 2022.

About Bonum Therapeutics

Bonum Therapeutics is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the generation of a new class of therapeutics based on a proven technology platform that utilizes principles of regulation to create highly active and less toxic medicines. The company was founded in 2022 as a spinout of Good Therapeutics, following the sale of Good to Roche in September 2022 for $250 million, plus significant milestones. Using a novel approach, Bonum’s molecules combine a sensor component directed against a specific biological marker and a therapeutic component. When the sensor binds its target, the molecule reversibly changes shape and becomes active, delivering potent activity only where it is needed. The technology is applicable to a wide range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, autoimmunity, metabolic disorders, and pain management. Bonum’s initial efforts are focusing on regulated immunocytokines, including conditionally active IFN-alpha, IL-12, and TGF-beta, while it pursues additional applications in partnership with others.

The company is backed by a group of leading venture investors including Rivervest Venture Partners, Roche Venture Fund, Digitalis Ventures, American Century Investments, Codon Capital, and Vivo Capital. For more information, please visit our website at and connect with us on LinkedIn and X (Twitter).


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