Biocitech SAS Welcomes Helios BioSciences to Its Technology Park

Published: Mar 06, 2012

Biocitech, March 6, 2012 – Biocitech, the Paris life sciences technology park, announces the arrival of Helios BioSciences, a provider of bioinformatics services in support of the drug discovery process. Helios BioSciences, which moved into the technology park in December, is the 27th company to locate there. This is further confirmation of Biocitech’s attractiveness to firms that provide services along the whole of the human health value chain.

Helios BioSciences is specialized in research into new molecular targets and biomarkers. The company uses its proprietary, fully patented technological platform to build dynamic mathematic models of intracellular signalling cascades by combining available signalling data and experimental data. This makes it possible to identify potential targets whose activity can be modified in order to halt the disease. Another application of these models is the isolation of markers characterizing the evolution of the pathology or the response to treatments. Helios BioSciences focuses primarily on cancer, neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases and helps companies rationalize their drug discovery processes in these areas in particular.

Founded in Paris in 2002, Helios BioSciences was originally housed in the Faculty of Medicine of Créteil, and also received support from the Paris Biotech Santé incubator at the Cochin Port-Royal Faculty of Medicine in Paris. It is funded by founders’ equity and business angels, as well as revenues from its fee-for-service activities, and has won prizes in the Ministry of Research/Tremplins Aventis competition for aid for the creation of innovative enterprises organized by the Aventis Foundation. The company currently has four employees.

“Helios BioSciences’ relocation to the Biocitech campus strengthens the range of services provided by the park’s scientific and technological service companies,” said Biocitech president, Jean-François Boussard. “Helios is positioned at the beginning of the drug R&D cycle. Our plug and market concept corresponds perfectly to the stage of development Helios is now at, and we think it will find some customers on its doorstep by talking to neighboring firms, as well as opportunities to develop joint product offers with other firms in the park.”

“Helios Biosciences’ novel positioning, downstream from the so-called “omic” platforms (transcriptomics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics), gives us a real added value in the selection of therapeutic targets and biomarkers,” said the manager of Helios BioSciences, Jean-Baptiste Dumas. “Helios will be able to speed up its commercial development in a supportive environment. The premises, the services provided and the excellent standards with which Biocitech complies were behind our decision to relocate there.”

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About Biocitech

Biocitech is a technology park dedicated to life sciences and the environment. It offers resident companies on-site support from inception to maturity. It provides a range of services that are specifically designed for firms in the sectors of biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, medical and in vitro diagnostics and medical devices.

Biocitech is the only science and technology park in the Paris area that is ICPE certified and that offers a comprehensive and flexible range of services that include technical buildings, multi-technical services and support services. ICPE certification provides entrepreneurs with secure premises of a high technological standard that are perfectly adapted to their development. The unique combination gives firms the benefit of specialized resources that cost less because they are pooled. Biocitech is located close to Raymond Queneau Paris subway station, and is only 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle airport.

The park is market-oriented and the great majority of its residents generate revenues from the sale of products or services. Furthermore, the firms installed at Biocitech complement one another, thus generating strong synergies and numerous collaborations.

Along with other organizations in the Paris area, Biocitech is a key element in the Medicen Paris Region network, the greater Paris region’s world-class competitiveness hub for health and new therapies.

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