BellBrook Labs LLC Introduces the Transcreener(R) GDP Assay

Published: Jul 30, 2008

Small GTPases (monomeric small G protein family members) are critical participants in cellular processes such as signal transduction, gene expression, microtubule organization, and cytoskeletal reorganization. Aberrant function due to mutation or overexpression has been linked to numerous human cancers in addition to neurodegenerative diseases.

BellBrook Labs announces the launch of the Transcreener® GDP Assay, which is dedicated to GDP nucleotide product [KM1] detection . Transcreener GDP Assay is a far-red, competitive fluorescence polarization immunoassay based on the detection of the diphosphonucleotide product of GTP hydrolysis (not the free phosphate). The assay provides an excellent signal under initial velocity conditions resulting in overall Z’= 0.7 with = 85 mP polarization shifts at 10% GTP conversion of 10 µM GTP measured using standard multimode plate readers.

The Transcreener GDP Assay was developed to follow the progress of any enzyme that produces GDP. The Transcreener GDP Detection Mixture comprises a GDP Alexa633 Tracer bound to a GDP Antibody. The tracer is displaced by GDP, the invariant product generated during the enzyme reaction. The displaced tracer freely rotates leading to a decrease in fluorescence polarization. Therefore, GDP production is proportional to a decrease in polarization. The assay uses a far red tracer which overcomes compound interference and is the simplest, most robust ratiometric detection method.

BellBrook Labs provides the pharmaceutical industry with high throughput screening (HTS) tools that accelerate the discovery of effective therapies. In 2005, with the development of the Transcreener® Assay Platform, BellBrook Labs introduced HTS methods into previously uncharted areas, allowing greater access to promising therapeutic, ADME and safety drug targets. Data generated from these assays allow better prediction about how patients will respond to drugs and improve the business case for drug target testing and the development of new drug treatments. The generic nature of the Transcreener HTS Assay platform eliminates delays involved in assay development for new HTS targets, and greatly simplifies compound and inhibitor profiling across multiple target families. The expanding Transcreener platform now includes universal assays for the detection of ADP, AMP, GMP, UDP, and GDP.

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