BASF Showcases Expertise at CPhI Worldwide in Madrid, Spain

Published: Sep 17, 2012

September 17, 2012 -- BASF will present its extensive expertise across the entire pharmaceutical value chain at the Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates – CPhI worldwide – from October 9- 11, 2012 at Booth 4D17, Hall 4, Feria de Madrid, Spain. Taking center stage of this year’s booth is BASF’s new strategy “We create chemistry”. The company exhibits intelligent end-to-end solutions and high-quality products including active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), custom synthesis, excipients, catalysts, building blocks, solvents, reagents, protective groups and inorganic specialties.

First Class APIs from the world leader

For more than 75 years, BASF has been the world-leading supplier of generic active ingredients to the pharmaceutical industry. The company has, for example, manufactured ibuprofen for two decades, deploying an award-winning sustainable production technique that does not use chromium salts. Furthermore, BASF’s broad range of APIs includes caffeine, pseudoephedrine, theophylline, and phenylephrine. In 2013, BASF will extend its portfolio by introducing a pharmaceutical grade of L-menthol to the market.

Highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids

With the recent acquisition of Equateq Ltd., a global leader in the manufacturing of highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids, BASF broadened its range of omega-3 products for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. The company’s proprietary chromatographic separation methods allow flexible formulation of omega-3 fatty acids with variable ratios of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) at concentration levels of up to 99 percent.

Custom synthesis services – Expertise in meeting unique manufacturing needs

BASF is a leading manufacturer of made-to-measure molecules for the pharmaceutical industry. Offering high-quality and cost-effective services, the company supports customers throughout the entire drug life cycle. Partnering with BASF gives customers access to a global Research & Development network where value-added technologies are constantly emerging – offering innovative solutions for simplifying production processes and cutting costs.

Innovative excipients for bioavailability enhancement BASF provides pharmaceutical companies a wide variety of excipients for making drugs from active ingredients with tremendous potential. One example is its award-winning solubilizing agent Soluplus® - The Solid Solution. Soluplus enhances the solubility of drugs and so increases their bioavailability. The product is ideal for innovative pharmaceutical process technologies such as Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) and Spray Drying. BASF has made great strides in enhancing the solubilization and bioavailability of drugs during recent years, developing innovative solutions for even the toughest solubilization challenges.

New edition of Hot-Melt Extrusion Compendium available soon

A new edition of BASF’s Hot-Melt Extrusion Compendium – delivering expert advice on creating solid dispersions using BASF pharmaceutical-grade polymers – will be available for download as of October 9. The previous edition has been revised, and many parts have been extended: The compendium will provide readers with an even better understanding of solid dispersions and the hot-melt extrusion process. The publication will be available for download at

New reagent for Suzuki coupling partners

BASF has introduced Tetrakis (dimethylamino)diboron as a new reagent for borylation to generate coupling partners for Suzuki reactions. Tetrakis DMA4B2 together with a diol enables the borylation of a broad spectrum of substrates. The borylation with Tetrakis DMA4B2 works with a broad variety of different solvents and catalysts. Tetrakis DMA4B2 is a pumpable liquid, which makes borylations at higher concentrations and even solvent-free reaction possible. Therefore, space-time yield and reactor utilization will be optimized. BASF’s Tetrakis DMA4B2 is available in quantities ranging from kilograms to commercial scale.

Unique expertise in biomarker discovery

Metanomics Health GmbH, a BASF Group company, offers most robust and reproducible results for biomarker discovery and validation based on the globally largest metabolomics platform. In the development of novel drugs, early recognition of potential toxicological effects and their underlying mechanisms is of utmost importance. To support the cost- and time-effective development of new active pharmaceutical ingredients with more favorable toxicological profiles, Metanomics Health has launched MetaMap®Tox in June 2012, a validated in vivo product for biopharmaceutical safety research.

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