Aviva Systems Biology Announces Expansion Of ChIP-DSL Services; Creates New Opportunities For Drug Discovery And Disease Prevention Via Gene Transcription Regulation Assay

Published: Jan 25, 2007

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Infused with $4-million in new funding from investors, Aviva Systems Biology (ASB), a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing tools for gene transcription regulation research, plans to expand its ChIP-DSL services for genome wide detection of promoter- transcription factor interactions, the company announced today.

"Our ability to couple our microarray-based ChIP-DSL platform for genome wide promoter-transcription factor detection with our high throughput antibody production capabilities offers our customers a complete and unique package for transcription regulation assays. This systems-based approach to understanding transcriptional regulation, epigenetic modifications and DNA methylation should provide new and significant insights into biomarker and drug discovery efforts with regards to cancer, diabetes and other disease states," says Julian Yuan, ASB's CEO.

ASB recently relocated to a new facility that will significantly enhance its ability to provide a diverse range of ChIP-DSL promoter services to a broad range of customers.

ChIP-DSL platform is based on technology invented by Dr. Xiangdong Fu, a professor at UC-San Diego. It's licensed exclusively by ASB in 2004.

About Aviva Systems Biology:

Based in San Diego, Calif., ASB is a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing tools for gene transcription regulation research. The company introduced its ChIP-DSL service in August, 2006 to screen 20,000 human promoters in a single array format. ASB also generates family-oriented high throughput antibodies and additional reagents for other important research areas.

Contact: To learn more about ASB or ChIP-DSL, email Dr. Jeffrey Falk, Director of Technology Applications, jfalk@avivasysbio.com

Web Site: http://www.avivasysbio.com

Aviva Systems Biology

CONTACT: Dr. Jeffrey Falk, Director of Technology Applications of AvivaSystems Biology, +1-858-552-6979, jfalk@avivasysbio.com

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