Applied Precision, Inc., a GE Healthcare, Showcases Its Newest Live Cell Super-Resolution Imaging System at American Society for Cell Biology Meeting

Published: Dec 01, 2011

ISSAQUAH, Wash., Dec. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Applied Precision, a GE Healthcare company, will showcase its DeltaVision OMX V4 Blaze, a microscopy system designed to reach the next level in the evolution of super-resolution imaging by employing a proprietary, ultra-fast, illumination module and the latest advanced high-speed camera technologies.

The OMX Blaze will be showcased to the public for the first time at the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) annual meeting in Denver, December 3-7. A system will be set up in Applied Precision's booth number 801 for attendees to explore.

The new OMX Blaze has made LIVE cell super-resolution imaging a reality. The system's speed of image acquisition enables researchers to follow tagged proteins within the same living cell, over time, in three-dimensional space, at near molecular resolution. This makes it possible to start answering new kinds of research questions about how certain structures in cells behave, what they interact with, and how long the events last.

Paul Goodwin, Director of Advanced Applications, API, said, "It's a pretty extraordinary feeling, to see moving images of live cells at a greater level of detail than anyone has witnessed before. The implications of this advance in imaging technology are exciting for researchers. With the OMX Blaze, we will move imaging to new vistas and start to answer questions that we never could before."

Goodwin will also lead a talk titled "Advances in Live Cell Super-Resolution Imaging" at ASCB on Tuesday, December 6 at 9 a.m. in room 105 of the Denver Convention Center.

In addition to the OMX Blaze, the booth will also feature a DeltaVision Elite featuring the TruLight illumination system and a PersonalDV microscope as well as interactive learning kiosks where attendees can learn more about the family of DeltaVision microscopy products.

For more information about the DeltaVision OMX and to view videos and other images, please visit

About Applied Precision, a GE Healthcare Company

Founded in 1986, Applied Precision is a leading provider of innovative imaging, measurement and analysis systems for the life sciences industries and OEM markets. The acquisition of Applied Precision allows GE Healthcare Life Sciences to expand its offering of products and services for pharmaceutical and life science research. Applied Precision's proprietary technologies are complementary to GE Healthcare's IN Cell Analyzer Systems which are used for high-throughput sub-cellular analysis in cell biology research. The use of cellular and sub-cellular imaging technology is now central to many areas of cell biology including drug discovery and biomarker research. More information is available at

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