Agencourt Bioscience Corporation, Affymetrix Clinical Services Lab and NuGEN Technologies, Inc. Collaborate to Accelerate Automated Clinical Whole Blood Sample Expression Profiling on GeneChip® Microarrays

Published: Apr 25, 2007

FULLERTON, SAN CARLOS & WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Agencourt Bioscience, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beckman Coulter, Inc., NuGEN Technologies, Inc., and Affymetrix Clinical Services Laboratory (ACSL) today announced a collaboration that has yielded a service offering for the automated isolation and target preparation of RNA from whole blood samples collected, stabilized, and stored in PAXgene Blood Tubes. The service offering enables expression analysis profiling using Affymetrix GeneChip® technology and is valuable for pharmaceutical companies focused on drug discovery and development. It is also useful for government agencies conducting biomarker discovery and cancer research and for academic centers of excellence and core labs where rapid, high-throughput applications are critical.

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