AG Mednet Releases Its New Pixel De-Identification Plugin, Which is Now Available for Use in New and Existing Clinical Trials

Published: Apr 12, 2011

BOSTON, April 12, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AG Mednet, the world's largest medical image collection and delivery service, announced today the release of its exclusive pixel de-identification capability. The new plugin, which can be configured to be used on new and existing clinical trials, enables investigator sites to fully and properly redact patient identifying information that has been "burned" into the pixels of image exams, thus meeting the most stringent requirements around patient confidentiality and informed consent. Patient identifying information is typically included in the pixel data of modalities such as ultrasound, echo, angiography and intra-vascular ultrasound (IVUS), and can often occur in DEXA or non-DICOM exams in other image formats such as JPEG. This new plugin will be useful in trials in a variety of therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, rheumatoid arthritis and oncology (safety).

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