Advanced Cell Diagnostics Launches BaseScope Suite Of Tissue Analysis Assays Enabling Breakthrough Advances In Molecular Pathology

NEWARK, Calif., Sept. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Cell Diagnostics (ACD), a brand of Bio-Techne Corporation, announces the release of a breakthrough RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) assay delivering the unprecedented capability of detecting RNA transcripts at single base resolution. The BaseScope assay is available commercially as a kit for use in laboratories worldwide and via ACD's Pharma Assay Services. As one of the offerings of the Pharma Assay Services portfolio, BaseScope provides highly sensitive and specific detection of exon junction/splice variants, SNPs, small insertions/deletions, and short targets, including complex and highly homologous gene families such as MAGE and ILT in just four weeks.

Localization of exon 14 skipped variant of MET mRNA in a lung cancer cell line

Dr. Yuling Luo, Founder and President of ACD, explained the significance of the launch: "BaseScope is a truly revolutionary assay providing groundbreaking insights into biological and disease mechanisms not possible with other technologies again demonstrating our pioneering position in molecular pathology. Before the launch of the BaseScope assay, it was simply not possible to detect a specific exon-exon junction or a point mutation in situ with morphological context."

Based on the proven and widely used RNAscope® technology, the robust, sensitive and specific BaseScope assay combines an advanced double Z-probe design with a novel signal amplification system to enable single-molecule detection of RNA sequences as small as 50 bases with an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio.  Additionally, new  applications enabled by BaseScope, spanning research areas such as neuroscience, cancer, immunology, and infectious disease, include splice variant detection, identification of antigen-specific T cell clones, detection of transduced cells in gene therapy, detection of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, and confirmation of knock-out/knock-in sequences.

The power of the BaseScope assay lies in the technology's ability to determine which cells express the target RNA, down to the resolution of a single base. Other technologies such as NGS or qPCR are useful for discovery and quantification of RNA expression and mutations - but they destroy all the important morphological context. BaseScope adds the critical dimension of morphology to RNA and mutation detection, allowing for assessment of heterogeneity of the sample, even when studying small or difficult targets.

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About Advanced Cell Diagnostics

Advanced Cell Diagnostics (ACD), a brand of Bio-Techne, is a leader in the field of molecular pathology, developing cell and tissuebased research assays and diagnostic tests for personalized medicine. The company's products and services are based on its proprietary RNAscope® technology, the first automated multiplex chromogenic and fluorescent in situ hybridization platform capable of detecting and quantifying RNA biomarkers in situ at singlemolecule sensitivity. RNAscope assays are currently used by thousands of customers, including all of the leading pharmaceutical companies, world leading academic institutions and many cutting edge biotechnology companies to validate biomarkers for the management of cancer and other diseases.  ACD's industrial partnerships provide the foundation for ACD to develop companion diagnostic tests in conjunction with partners' targeted therapeutics. ACD also pursues internal programs to develop and commercialize proprietary diagnostic tests in cancer management. Learn more about ACD and RNAscope technology at

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