Aduro Biotech Announces Two Presentations at Keystone Meeting

BERKELEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aduro BioTech, Inc. is pleased to announce that Thomas W. Dubensky, Chief Scientific Officer, and Peter Lauer, Director of Molecular Biology, have been selected to deliver oral presentations at the Immunological Mechanisms of Vaccination meeting, which is taking place from December 13-18 in Ottawa, Canada. Dr. Dubensky is scheduled to present on Friday, December 14. His presentation is entitled, “Development of Cyclic Dinucleotides (CDNs) as STING-Targeted Molecular Adjuvants.” Dr. Lauer is scheduled to present on Sunday, December 16. His presentation is entitled, “Recombinase-Induced Intracellular Death (Lm-RIID): A Novel, Safe, and Potent L. Monocytogenes Vaccine Platform.”

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