Accugenix Inc. Parters With AgenoLab For Greater Convenience for Microbial Identification Services

Published: Mar 23, 2010

Newark, DE – March 15, 2010. Accugenix announces a new strategic partnership with Agenolab GmbH & Co.KG to provide pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and other manufacturing industries with local access and convenience to the Company’s expertise in microbial identification services. For over 20 years, Accugenix has tested more microorganisms than any other company or service laboratory in world, which has allowed the company to develop and refine a validated proprietary organism library and method of interpretation unrivaled in the industry. Now, European organizations can directly benefit from these world-class capabilities with the convenience of working with a local laboratory. Agenolab provides both genotypic and proteotypic sample analysis in their Stuttgart facility in Germany, and is electronically linked to Accugenix’s Newark, Delaware facility in the US where data analysis, interpretation and result reporting is conducted.

“The presence of a European lab enables our customers to benefit from the same level of service in accuracy, reliability and convenience that our US customers have enjoyed for years”, according to Doug Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Accugenix. “We were delighted to find a partner so appropriately suited to expand our presence in Europe and uphold our commitment to the highest of cGMP and EU GMP.”

Agenolab GmbH & Co.KG is an innovative biotechnology & life science laboratory. Founded in 2007, Agenolab is continuously growing and expanding its collaborations, implementing state-of-the art technologies, using the most advanced equipment and maintaining a continuously trained, highly motivated staff and “Gold Standard” services.

About Accugenix

For over 20 years, Accugenix has been the world’s leading FDA-registered, cGMP service laboratory for microbial identification and characterization. More than 1000 facilities around the world rely on the company’s expertise to meet their microbial identification needs.

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