Worthington Biochemical Corporation's New 2013-14 Enzyme Catalog

Published: Jan 31, 2013

January 31, 2013 -- Worthington Biochemical's NEW 2013-14 Catalog & Product Guide features enzymes, biochemicals and primary cell isolation kits for applications in Life Science Research, Diagnostics & Biotechnology.

New and existing products are included for applications in Primary Cell Isolation & Cell Culture, Protein Sequencing, Enzymology & Molecular Biology. New products include Animal Origin Free (AOF) STEMzyme™ Collagenase/Neutral Protease (Dispase®) Blends, Collagenases, DNase, Neutral Protease, RNase and other enzymes for regenerative medicine, biopharma & vaccine production applications.

As an ISO9001 Certified primary manufacturer, Worthington can meet enzyme requirements from research-scale to bulk bioprocessing quantities

To obtain a copy of the NEW 2013-14 Catalog & Product Guide, call: 800.445.9603 • 732.942.1660 or Fax: 800-368-3108 • 732-942-9270. The catalog may also be obtained at www.worthington-biochem.com or E-mail CustService@worthington-biochem.com

Worthington Biochemical Corp. was founded in 1947 by Charles C. Worthington in Freehold, New Jersey. Over the years, its purpose has been the production of the highest quality enzymes and biochemicals for life science research and bioprocessing applications.

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