TNG Pharmaceuticals Hires Serge Martinod as CEO

Published: Feb 14, 2013

Louisville-based TNG Pharmaceuticals Inc. has hired Serge Martinod as its CEO and chief science officer. Martinod has extensive experience developing animal pharmaceuticals and has led two startup, venture-capital-funded companies, including Arcanatura LLC. “He’s a scientist who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty,” said Jenny Corbin, a co-founder of TNG, in an interview. The company is developing a vaccine, FlyVax, which immunizes cattle against the horn fly, a pest that Corbin said costs the beef cattle and dairy industry an estimated $1 billion in lost production annually. “This technology has the potential to make a significant difference in animal health,” Martinod said in a news release. TNG was founded 18 months ago by Corbin and other University of Louisville MBA students as a class project. Since then, the company has won $475,000 in cash or convertible notes in business plan competitions across the country.

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