RxTrocar Ltd Engages Madison Keats To Assist In Biotechnology Partner Development

PUNTA GORDA, Fla., April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- RxTrocar Ltd, a biotechnology and medical product company, announced today that it has engaged the life sciences investment banking firm of Madison Keats to assist in evaluating development and commercialization partners for the company. Efforts will be centered on the identification of a development and commercialization partner for the family of proprietary drug delivery trocars and accessories.

"We have engaged Madison Keats due to their specialization in the Global Life Sciences arena and their ability to both evaluate our technology portfolio and assist us in maximizing the value of that portfolio," stated Dr. Stephen Moenning, CEO of RxTrocar. "Working with a life science investment banking firm of this caliber will increase our exposure and assist us in maximizing corporate value."

"Madison Keats specializes in the life sciences area and understands the value of RxTrocar's business model and technology portfolio," stated Jim Zamer, Managing Director at Madison Keats. Robert Capaldo, also Managing Director at Madison Keats added, "Madison Keats builds and maintains alliances with an exclusive clientele that includes several multinational pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies."

RxTrocar has designed four improved versions of the standard trocar for use in every laparoscopic surgery procedure. The company has also developed two "universal" trocar accessories which can be added onto any trocar and used in laparoscopic procedures. As a combination device, much like drug eluting cardiac stents, this proprietary technology provides several benefits over the current trocar technology, including:

1) The RxTrocar(TM) provides needle-less drug delivery technology, therefore eliminating the problem of needle sticks during its use, establishing a new standard of trocar care.

2) Medication is infused at the port site in a 360 degree fashion, to just the right depth necessary.

3) RxTrocar(TM) engineering controls incorporated onto a standard trocar will work for the wide spectrum of patients from pediatric to morbidly obese, thereby reducing redundant inventory.

4) A number of medications and/or treatments can be infused through the RxTrocar(TM), matching up with a number of laparoscopic procedures.

5) With its strong intellectual property, RxTrocar Ltd is considered the worldwide leader in drug delivery trocar technology.

6) RxTrocar has an immediate product with a 510(k) and two additional generations of drug delivery trocars along with two accessories waiting to be manufactured.

It is widely felt that conversion of the current commodity trocar with RxTrocar engineering controls will create a novel product with a new market. In addition to its clear clinical benefits and its regulatory/governmental advantage over current technology, the RxTrocar has received 510(K) clearance from the FDA. An earlier prototype of the RxTrocar received the "2002 Innovation of the Year Award" from the Society of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgeons.

About Madison Keats, LLC

Madison Keats is a life science investment bank. The firm provides advisory services and focuses on orchestrating technology licensing, creative financing, and mergers and acquisitions. Madison Keats works exclusively within the life sciences industry. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, the firm is strategically situated in the second largest banking center in the U.S. and within close proximity to Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. For additional information, please visit http://www.madisonkeats.com/.

About RxTrocar Inc.

In 1998, Dr. Stephen Moenning incorporated CA Guard, a company based on a medical product called a Port Site Protector. This Protector was designed for use with cannula and trocar devices for general laparoscopic procedures. Although that device has since given way to more sophisticated technologies, it was the beginning of the development of the current device being offered: the RxTrocar(TM), an irrigated trocar with engineered controls for medication delivery. The name CA Guard was changed to RxTrocar last year to better reflect the company's emerging biotechnology growth. For additional information, please visit http://www.rxtrocar.com/.

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Contact: Jim Zamer, Managing Director of Madison Keats, LLC, +1-704-377-4121, or jzamer@madisonkeats.com.

Madison Keats, LLC

CONTACT: Jim Zamer, Managing Director of Madison Keats, LLC,+1-704-377-4121, or jzamer@madisonkeats.com

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