MBS Rapidly Builds Global NEXTGENPCR Distributor Network

Published: Sep 22, 2017

New deals in China, Israel, Russia, Benelux, Spain, Czech Republic and UK reflect strong demand for ultra-fast new thermal cycler

Amsterdam, September 19, 2017: Dutch biotechnology company Molecular Biology Systems(MBS) continues to build its global sales network with the announcement today of new distributors for revolutionary NEXTGENPCR thermal cycler in China – PreMed Lab; Israel – Pronto Diagnostics; Czech Republic – YBUX; Albiogen – Russian Federation; Isogen - Benelux, Spain and CAMLAB - UK.

Described as the first real advance in thermal cycling for 15 years, the NEXTGENPCR dramatically slashes current time-consuming DNA amplification from hours to minutes. For example, a 3 Step, 30 cycle protocol can be performed in less than 2 minutes. Standard 96- or 384 well microplates are used, making incorporation into existing laboratory routines and protocols seamless. NEXTGENPCR delivers these astonishing times by turning existing technology on its head. Instead of heating and cooling down Peltier blocks, NEXTGENPCR cleverly moves standard microplates rapidly across 3 temperature zones already set to the required denaturing, extension and annealing temperatures. The microplate samples are embedded in polypropylene foil and slightly compressed by the temperature blocks in each zone which ensures thorough sample mixing and optimal heat transfer. Uniformity across the block is better than 0.1 °C. Temperature transition is practically instantaneous with a total reaction time of as low as 2 minutes for a 100 base pair fragment in 30 cycles over 3 temperatures.

“We certainly seem to have come up with a winning formula with NEXTGENPCR. Its ability to slash amplification times from hours to minutes and fit seamlessly into any lab routines and protocols is proving a major draw for distributors and we are delighted to have built up a global network so rapidly,” says MBS CEO and founder, Gert de Vos.

For further information: Gert de Vos, CEO gertdevos@mbspcr.com www.nextgenpcr.com

Richard Hayhurst
Notes to editors:
Molecular Biology Systems (MBS) is a Netherlands-based molecular biology instrumentation company founded in 2014. The company’s lead product is the NEXTGENPCR thermal cycler which uses patented heating and cooling technology to reduce PCR amplification cycles from hours to minutes for both research and routine genetic testing. More at www.nextgenpcr.com

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