Advanced Clinical Research Institute-Phase I Re-brands as Anaheim Clinical Trials

Published: Aug 16, 2011

Anaheim, California (August 15, 2011) – Advanced Clinical Research Institute (ACRI-Phase I), an adult and pediatric Phase I clinical research center with full-service CRO capabilities, located in southern California (Anaheim), announces the re-branding of the company under the name of Anaheim Clinical Trials (ACT). The launch of the new name recognizes the full partnership of its members and their role in the privately-held company, and differentiates the company from other similarly named companies.

Under the new name, Anaheim Clinical Trials or ACT, capitalizes on the success of over 20 years and over 1,000 clinical research trials conducted in all clinical phases. ACT continues its legacy and commitment to exceed the needs and expectations of its clients by providing innovative, professional and superior quality service with integrity and reliability.

“We are really excited about our name change. Named after the city of Anaheim, California, the new company name accurately reflects the company’s location and eliminates any confusion for our customers between us and other US investigative sites with similar names,” said Dr. Peter Winkle, M.D., F.A.C.G, F.A.C.P., C.P.I., Medical Director. “In addition, the new name will better communicate the purpose of our Phase I unit located on North Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim.”

Anaheim is recognized as a popular tourist destination and home of Disneyland. It is the most populated city in Orange County, and one of the most populated cities in California. Centrally located with access to many airports, Anaheim offers convenience for travelers, and with its Mediterranean-like climate, warm weather much of the year.

About Anaheim Clinical Trials

Anaheim Clinical Trials (ACT) is an adult and pediatric Phase I clinical research center with full-service CRO capabilities, located in southern California (Anaheim). In addition to healthy volunteers, ACT has been particularly successful in enrolling special patient populations, such as renal- and hepatic-impaired patients, and Japanese subjects for ethno-bridging trials. Our certified Principal Investigators have the expertise and interest in a wide variety of therapeutic areas, including GI, pain, metabolic/inflammation, infectious disease, and respiratory. ACT has been recognized by our customers for excellent quality research, timeliness, high patient enrollment, and ease of doing business. For more information about ACT, please visit our website at

For more information, please contact Linda Gundaker, Executive Director of Business Development, via email at or mobile at 610-937-2006.

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