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HEIDELBERG, Germany, February 03, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- RauCon has now introduced limits to the number of participants of its euroPLX and asiaPLX Pharma Partnering Conferences in order to increase their value for the individual participant.

The question whether or not expectations on a partnering event can be satisfied is largely determined by mathematics. One limiting factor is the disposable time of a participant which determines whether or not a request for a one-on-one meeting can be met. Another factor is the overall number of participants at an event: The larger this number, the larger the number of meeting requests which a particular attending company will receive, eventually more than the disposable time of its delegates can cope with. If a partnering event is attended by more than the optimum number of participants, the number of requests for one-on-one meetings that can be met will decrease exponentially. This increases the organisers’ business while reducing the value for the participants.

Based on mathematical optimisation RauCon limits the attendance of each euroPLX or asiaPLX Conference. When the limit is reached, the online system will automatically terminate the registration period after a short phase of warning. Only members of RauCon's loyalty club "Bell Club" will then have the privilege to register until the regular registration deadline.

This measure is expected to increase the probability of actually scheduling an attendee's requests to meet other company delegates, thereby increasing the value of attending a euroPLX or asiaPLX Conferences significantly.

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