Launch of a New Certification and Designation, Called Clinical Research Professional of Canada (CCRA)®, Offered by the Clinical Research Association of Canada (CCRA)®

  • Launch of a New Certification and Designation, Called Clinical Research Professional of Canada (CRPC)®, Offered by the Clinical Research Association of Canada (CRAC)®
  • This content has been prepared exclusively for organizations that are involved in clinical research and for clinical research professionals, as CRAC has launched the first and only certified Canadian research designation "Clinical Research Professional of Canada (CRPC)®".

TORONTO, MONTREAL, and CALGARY, Alberta, September 17, 2019 ( - The Clinical Research Association of Canada has launched and is now offering the only Canadian clinical research designation. The requirements and eligibility to take the exam can be found on the CRAC website. The certification exam is completely automated via the CRAC website, which allows professionals to complete the exam online, and it provides prompt exam test results upon completion. This automation is to ease the access for research professionals looking to obtain a clinical research designation. The designation is good for three years upon meeting eligibility requirements and successfully passing the certification exam.

"CRAC is excited to provide a certification exam that is the only one that incorporates Health Canada regulations and guidelines. In fact, it also covers U.S. and European Regulations as well, providing more comprehensive coverage of the regulations. As a research professional myself, this is important for conducting research in Canada and internationally." -Kim McDonald-Taylor, Toronto Area Chairperson and longest acting executive for CRAC®.

About Clinical Research Association of Canada (CRAC)®:

Clinical Research Association of Canada (CRAC) is a non-profit organization with chapters in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, whose mission is to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas relevant to all aspects of clinical research in Canada. It has been in operation for 30 years conducting educational events for the research community. CRAC has a reach of approximately 6,000 research professionals throughout Canada through its members and social media platforms. Along with conducting events, CRAC has partnered with other associations and groups to co-host educational events and conferences. The educational events are eligible as continuing education (CE) to help maintain professional education credits throughout the year.

“CRAC was founded to provide education to research professionals with a Canadian perspective. Developing this designation is important to support the professional development and educational standards for researchers in Canada,” says Sabrina Ramkellawan, President of CRAC®

For more information about the eligibility to write the exam and obtain this new designation, contact Special thanks to Suzette Salama for partnering on the development of this certification and designation. To find out more about our upcoming events, check our website. Upcoming events include an event in Montreal, in partnership with RQA, focused on Regulatory Inspections and Research Challenges, and coming soon in Toronto and Montreal is an educational event focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in clinical research.

For media inquiries or event partnership opportunities, please contact Kim McDonald-Taylor (Toronto Chair-Person) or Sabrina Ramkellawan (President) at Website:

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