Korify Capital Launches New $100 Million Fund in Longevity Space


Today, Korify Capital announced plans to invest in breakthrough technology with a $100 million investment fund targeting the longevity and mental health space.

Korify Capital, an investment leg of Swiss family office Infinitas Capital, has focused on investing in biotechs developing medicine that will prevent and treat age-related diseases and mental illnesses. The company's first venture fund, Korify Capital Fund ONE, aims to use the $100 million investment to support biotechnology firms involved in treating mental diseases and longevity projects.

Robin Lauber, a cofounder of Infinitas Capital, was excited about investing in longevity and thinks there is a lot of opportunity in making 70 the new 50. And that includes tackling the chronic diseases among humanity's biggest killers.

"Infinitas has established a strong ecosystem of venture capitalists, family offices, founders, and scientists that enables us to connect the brightest minds across our portfolio and access some of the most exciting technologies and companies. We are thrilled to launch Korify Capital Fund ONE to leverage our strong ties to tier-1 VCs," Lauber said in a statement.

The new fund comes at a time when the biotech sector is making rapid advancement through developing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, leading to diminished costs and a speeding up of necessary development strategies.

Davide Ottolini, co-founder of Korify Capital, says that the new investment will channel funds to promising longevity research institutions and groups. "Researchers are rapidly expanding our understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying the aging process. At Korify, we want to invest in a future of medicine that is more preventative as opposed to treating illness." Ottolini said.

"Additionally, in our opinion one of the major problems in the current process of treating mental health issues with pharmacological interventions are observed response rates. We think this needs to be remedied through biomarker-based intervention protocols, and through new treatment options altogether," Ottolini continued.

Korify joins several other investors in the space of longevity, including Berlin-based VC and company builder Apollo Health Ventures, which successfully raised $180 million in funding in November. The other two are Swiss longevity company builder Maximon, which recently launched a CHF 100 million ($108 million) investment, and Switzerland's Longevity Science Foundation, which has committed to allocating $1 billion over ten years for longevity research.

Korify's focus is evident in its decision to fund development company Cambrian Biopharma. Cambrian is leading a transformative approach to medicine, building new medicines that target the mechanisms underlying disease, treat damage at the molecular level long before symptoms manifest, then deploy them as preventative medicines to improve the overall quality of life as people age. The financing aid Cambrian received will help advance its pipeline of 14 drug candidates designed to target biological drivers of aging. 

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