Groundbreaking Research Predicts Seizures, Saves Millions

CATONSVILLE, MD, July 30, 2019 – New research among INFORMS members is saving hospitals big bucks. In the last year, a new module to predict and prevent seizures in brain injury patients saved more than $7 million and doubled the number of patients being treated.

The research was done at two hospitals: Massachusetts General and the University of Wisconsin. It offers continuous monitoring for patients with brain injuries to prevent a second injury caused by seizures. This is the first of its kind method to be able to achieve this and track electrical activity in the human brain.

Cynthia Rudin, professor of computer science, electrical and computer engineering and statistical science at Duke University’s Prediction Analysis Lab and Dr. Aaron Struck, a neurologist with the Department of Neurology at the University of Wisconsin were members of a multi-university research.

They received with the 2019 Innovative Applications in Analytics Award, presented earlier this year at the INFORMS Business Analytics Conference.

This technique can be easily remembered by physicians and can change patient care on a larger scale.

Click here to listen to their recent podcast on “Resoundingly Human,” where they described their research.

For more on this work or to speak with the researchers, please reach out to me. They are available for interviews and/or are willing to write exclusive content.

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