Biotia Selected By Mayo Clinic Platform To Accelerate The Success of Its AI Diagnostic Software

New York, NY -- August 16th, 2022 -- Mayo Clinic Platform, a strategic initiative to improve health care through insights and knowledge derived from data, has selected Biotia, a company fighting infectious diseases powered through genomics and artificial intelligence (AI), to join its Accelerate program with a focus on model validation and clinical readiness.


Through its software, data and lab assays, Biotia enables clinicians and laboratories across the world to better combat infectious diseases amid the COVID-19 pandemic, rising levels of drug resistance, and other infectious disease threats.


"Being selected by the Mayo Clinic Platform, we continue to transition our technology from the bench to the bedside and work to determine which infections and patient groups benefit the most from these innovative diagnostic technologies," said Dr. Niamh O’Hara, CEO of Biotia.


"Biotia was a promising fit for us because they are tackling a large clinical problem with a cutting-edge technology which still needs translational work and clinical validation before it achieves widespread adoption," said  Eric Harnisch, VP of Partner Programs at Mayo Clinic Platform.

Biotia's team will have access to the novel Discover Platform which houses massive amounts of longitudinal patient data designed to be used to improve analytics and support the startup’s abilities to generate actionable insights. This approach is expected to have transformative potential to expand options for the most serious or complex illnesses.

As one of seven companies selected by Mayo Clinic Platform for their second cohort, Biotia will work with the Mayo team to test their infectious disease diagnostic AI models using de-identified clinical data, curate a cohort of high-risk patient populations for whom the gold standard diagnostics frequently fail. “Analyzing antimicrobial usage and drug resistance patterns will inform our recommended usage and enable access for patients in need of NGS and AI technologies in order to improve patient care and fight antimicrobial resistance,” emphasized Dr. Dorottya Nagy-Szakal, Chief Medical Officer of Biotia.




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About Biotia


Biotia is a health tech company located in New York, NY, that leverages sequencing-based technology and proprietary AI-powered software to rapidly and accurately identify microorganisms and antimicrobial resistance. Their mission is to fight infectious diseases by deploying the leading reference library of microbes worldwide. Biotia, a spinout company of Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech, has a New York State CLIA lab for infectious disease diagnostics testing affiliated with SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University.


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