Viome Life Sciences Announces $67 Million in Funding towards Series C Financing Round

Viome Life Sciences, a mission-driven, digital health company leveraging precision nutrition to increase health and longevity, announces today additional funding toward its series C financing round.

Led by Bold Capital Group, the additional financing supports the further development of Viome’s suite of consumer and advanced early-detection diagnostic tests

BELLEVUE, Wash., Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Viome Life Sciences, a mission-driven, digital health company leveraging precision nutrition to increase health and longevity, announces today additional funding toward its series C financing round. Led by Bold Capital Group, over $67 million in funding was raised with participation from all of Viome’s existing investors. This raise brings Viome’s total funding to more than $150 million. The new financing will support the continuous development of Viome’s product pipeline, including the Oral Health Intelligence Test, early detection diagnostic tests for chronic diseases, cancers, and more.

The latest round comes on the heels of the successful launch of Viome’s first CancerDetect™ test for oral & throat cancers. This revolutionary at-home early diagnostic tool can detect not just stage 1 but early biomarkers associated with oral and throat cancer with unprecedented rates of 95% specificity and 90% sensitivity. CancerDetect™ is powered by Viome’s proprietary mRNA sequencing technology and AI-powered platform, which the FDA awarded Breakthrough Device Designation status in May of 2021.

“For more than half of a decade, Viome has been at the forefront of the global healthcare paradigm shift toward personalized, precision nutrition,” said Viome Life Sciences Founder & CEO Naveen Jain. “With our unique approach and unparalleled insight into the human microbiome and its interaction with the human host, we have helped nearly half a million individuals better understand how to take control of their health and address many underlying causes of inflammation and microbial imbalance, both of which science continues to strongly link to the onset of chronic disease. With such an obvious gap between the healthcare market and the ability to make breakthrough test solutions, such as CancerDetect, available faster to save more lives, we are thankful to our investors, who support us in each critical milestone towards our mission to help individuals live a longer, healthier life.”

In addition to Bold Capital Group, all of Viome’s existing investors participated in this round. Khosla Ventures, West River Group, Glico, Ocgrow Ventures, and Physician Partners all returned to demonstrate their continued confidence in and commitment to Viome’s rapid growth. The capital raised will bolster Viome’s expanded clinical research targeting aggressive cancers and chronic diseases, and the continuation of clinically-validated early-stage diagnostics and therapeutics.

“As long-standing supporters of Viome, we have always believed deeply in Viome’s mission to identify the root causes of chronic disease by honoring each person’s biochemical individuality”, said Teymour Boutros-Ghali, Managing Partner at BOLD Capital Partners. “They have made tremendous strides since our initial investment, and we are proud to support Viome in its mission to provide democratized access to personalized, precision nutrition.”

“Viome is unparalleled in its commitment to identifying and solving for the blind spots in the healthcare industry’s current approach to early detection and treatment of diseases and cancer,” said Harish Consul, Founder & CEO of Ocgrow Ventures. “We have been consistently impressed by the breakneck speed at which Viome has developed and brought to market vital healthcare solutions to improve clinical outcomes and save lives, and we are excited to be able to support Viome in this important work.”

In the coming months, Viome will leverage this funding to debut a suite of new wellness and diagnostic tests specifically targeting the oral microbiome, which in recent years, has become equal in importance to the gut microbiome in terms of its connection to systemic diseases. Building upon the success of CancerDetect™ for oral and throat cancer, Viome is also utilizing this same technology to power early detection for additional hard-to-detect cancers and GI disorders such as IBD.

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Viome Life Sciences is a mission-driven biotechnology company founded in 2016 to address the epidemic of chronic diseases, cancer, and aging. When access to powerful health insights was reserved for only a select few, the answers to what’s aging your mind and body and causing chronic disease and cancers were just speculations. Viome developed a breakthrough suite of innovative diagnostic tools to empower over half a million users to test, not guess, and to receive actionable insights to empower each of us to live a longer and healthier life. Viome’s proprietary approach combines novel mRNA research and FDA-backed technology to analyze epigenetic biomarkers to deliver comprehensive, AI-driven health insights that are proven to shape a healthy lifespan. Paired with best-in-class precision nutrition recommendations, Viome offers an encompassing solution to aging - optimally. For more information, visit

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