SGM Alliance Announces Global Collaboration and Call to Action to Address LGBTQIA+ Representation Issues in Clinical Studies

Leading healthcare companies have joined forces to break barriers for LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

Leading healthcare companies have joined forces to break barriers for LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

In commemoration of Pride Month, the non-profit SGM Alliance has established a collaboration for companies in the healthcare industry to work together on best practices to promote equal representation for sexual and gender minorities (SGM). Several of the world’s largest healthcare companies — such as Eli Lilly and Company, Gilead Sciences, Inc., and Pfizer Inc. — have joined the collaboration.

SGM populations include, but are not limited to, individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and/or intersex. These communities face significant disparities in healthcare access and outcomes, and historically, SGM populations have rarely been represented in clinical studies.

As a result, even while some states have adopted anti-discrimination legislation and demonstrated progress regarding LGBTQIA+ representation in clinical studies in recent decades, many of the disparities in healthcare go largely unaddressed. This initiative spearheaded by SGM Alliance is a first-of-its-kind collaboration bringing together key allies in the healthcare industry to standardize best practices and prioritize equal representation.

“Outdated restrictions from the 90s have prohibited HIV positive and PrEP individuals from participating in clinical studies like those focused on life saving treatments for cancer…” said Garo Kiledjian, founder and CEO of SGM Alliance. “I’m proud to announce that the companies mentioned above, and others, are joining us to address these disparities and collectively are being a part of making positive change.”

In addition to its sponsorships with healthcare organizations, SGM Alliance offers those in other industries a role as a partner through various Allyship opportunities. This new collaboration focusing on SGM representation in clinical studies is part of SGM Alliance’s broader mission to foster a global healthcare landscape in which the SGM communities can navigate an equitable healthcare system with dignity.

Through education, SGM Alliance combats the systemic disregard of SGMs to transform the culture and practice of the healthcare industry, in pursuit of a just and equitable future for all. In this way, SGM Alliance inspires medical professionals and changemakers to champion diversity, equity and inclusion in healthcare and the evolving life sciences landscape.

Several companies in the healthcare industry have released a statement of their support (attached below). Companies in other industries interested in joining or supporting this collaboration and exploring Allyship opportunities with SGM Alliance should contact

SGM Alliance a 501(c)(3) organization that advocates for the inclusive and meaningful participation of sexual and gender minorities (SGM) in changing and improving healthcare access. For more information, visit


Celebrate Pride by Supporting LGBTQIA+ Equity in Healthcare

Global healthcare industry leaders join together to establish best practices and mobilize strategy

Our companies are dedicated to advancing equal representation of sexual and gender minorities (SGM) in clinical research, life sciences and the evolution of healthcare. We seek to mobilize strategy that will drive industry stakeholders to adequately address historical disparities and champion change, allowing LGBTQIA+ individuals to navigate an equitable healthcare system with dignity.

We are proud to join this initiative, spearheaded by the SGM Alliance, as allies of the organization’s mission to amplify SGM voices to ensure that their particular healthcare needs are addressed and understood. Through this partnership, SGM Alliance is actively engaged in dialogue with standards organizations and governmental stakeholders on setting best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Together, we can combat the systemic disregard of SGM populations in terms of healthcare access and outcomes.

To this end, in commemoration of Pride Month, we call on other companies in the healthcare industry to join us in promoting inclusivity and diversity in clinical studies. Together, we can break barriers and make history — the time to act is now.

For more information on this first-of-its-kind partnership, visit or email