Teva Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

1090 Horsham Road
P.O. Box 1090
North Wales
United States

Tel: 215-591-3000
Fax: 215-721-9669

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About Teva Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA is the nation’s leading generic manufacturer, marketing the broadest product line in the U.S. with over 300 products. The company leads the industry in the number of new and total retail prescriptions in the U.S. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA employs approximately 1,200 people.

We believe that our quality people and the quality products that we market enhance the quality of life of patients and consumers throughout the world. Our achievements are possible due to the diligent efforts and complete dedication of these employees and our employees worldwide.

Part of what makes us successful is that as a company, we constantly analyze where we are today and where we need to be tomorrow. Teva USA's management philosophy is to develop leaders and their associates so that they may achieve professional and career success in the pharmaceutical business.

It is in this spirit that we provide our employees with many training and development opportunities necessary to cultivate and improve their skills, enhancing their career potential and growth. Teva USA views continuing education and development as the means to acquire the tools and techniques necessary to keep its employees and the organization in the forefront of leadership and good business practice.

Teva USA's future as the leader in the generic pharmaceutical industry hinges on both our individual and collective abilities. For these reasons, we rely on our diversity, creative solutions, teamwork and commitment to quality and customer service, which have built a tradition of customer satisfaction, value and profitability.

At Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, in addition to hard work, we also believe in having fun. We reinforce this belief through the events and activities that we sponsor. Company activities include an Easter Egg Hunt, a well-attended company picnic, and an annual Halloween pumpkin-carving contest. We also have an Activities Committee that organizes trips to local sporting events, short day trips, and theatre events. For the sports-minded, we have clubs to join such as running clubs and ski clubs. There's at least one activity or club to suit each and every employee!

As an organization, Teva is active in the community, involved in everything from sponsoring local theatre groups, sports teams and school programs, to donating medicines for humanitarian relief work around the globe.

Teva USA has an individual spirit of giving. Throughout the year employees participate in a variety of community enrichment drives. For example, the American Red Cross is welcomed here for organized Blood Drives. Employees also make contributions to various on-site programs such as food and clothing drives and children's gift-giving programs.

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