Carrington Laboratories, Inc. and Primus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Sign Long-Term Supply and Patent Licensing Agreements for Acemannan Hydrogel(TM)

IRVING, Texas, April 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Carrington Laboratories, Inc. announced it has signed multi-year supply and patent license agreements with Primus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of Scottsdale, Arizona. Under the terms of the royalty bearing agreements, Carrington will supply its raw material Acemannan Hydrogel(TM) to Primus for use in topical prescription products. In exchange for guaranteed royalties on sales of these products, Primus will receive, in their field of use, patent and marketing protection under relevant Carrington patents that cover process, composition of matter and use related to their marketed products.

“One of Carrington’s goals is to identify business development opportunities with emerging companies that offer technologically advanced products,” stated Doug Golwas, vice president of corporate sales and marketing for Carrington. “We feel Primus’s business model is in line with our goals and will help us to diversify our brand in the medical market.”

Primus markets prescription metabolic products to physicians and health care professionals throughout the United States. Its products Alcortin(R) and Novacort(R) will contain Acemannan Hydrogel(TM) and are used as broad-spectrum treatments for a wide range of dermatological infections and inflammatory conditions.

J. D. Weir, president and CEO of Primus Pharmaceuticals, said, “Carrington is known for its innovativeness and expertise in the area of science-based preservation of complex carbohydrate polymers from Aloe vera L. Patients and physicians will appreciate the additional benefit of Carrington’s patented Acemannan Hydrogel(TM) to our prescription products Alcortin(R) (anti- infective) and Novacort(R) (anti-inflammatory). We are excited about our new relationship with Carrington. Acemannan brings several therapeutic benefits to differentiate these brands, and it is supported by strong science and intellectual property. We look forward to expanding the use of Acemannan Hydrogel(TM) into other topical products.”

About Acemannan Hydrogel(TM)

Acemannan Hydrogel(TM) contains the highest level of polymeric acetylated mannans than any other commercially available product from Aloe vera L. It is used as the key ingredient in Carrington’s products marketed in the pharmaceutical industry for wound healing and cessation of pain. Acemannan Hydrogel(TM) is currently being used in various prescription and non- prescription medical devices for the management of stomatitis, apthous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, first- through third-degree burns, surgical incision sites, and general wounds, cuts and lesions. Acemannan Hydrogel(TM) has a molecular weight greater than one (1) million daltons.

About Primus Pharmaceuticals

Primus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is the first in a new segment of pharmaceutical companies that are developing and marketing prescription products for the metabolic management of chronic diseases. Primus targets large, chronic use categories and its products work by managing underlying disease processes rather than simply treating symptoms. For additional information, please visit the company’s website at: .

About Carrington

Carrington Laboratories, Inc. is an ISO 9001-certified, research-based, biopharmaceutical and consumer products company currently utilizing naturally- occurring complex carbohydrates to manufacture and market products for mucositis, radiation dermatitis, wound and oral care, as well as to manufacture and market the nutraceutical raw material Manapol(R) and cosmetic raw material Hydrapol(TM). Carrington also manufactures and markets consumer products and manufactures quality products for other companies. Manufacturing operations comply with cGMP standards. DelSite Biotechnologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Carrington, is developing its proprietary GelSite(R) technology designed to provide controlled release of peptide and protein-based drugs. The GelVac(TM) formulation of GelSite is being funded by HHS and is being developed as a nasal powder delivery system for vaccines and therapeutics in particular the H5N1 Avian (Bird) Flu. Research on Carrington’s technology is protected by more than 130 patents in 26 countries. Select products carry the CE mark, recognized by more than 20 countries around the world. For more information, visit .

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Carrington Laboratories, Inc.

CONTACT: Doug Golwas of Carrington Laboratories, Inc., +1-972-518-1300; orJerry Kaster of Primus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., +1-480-483-1410