TrendSoft Ltd.ICBS Ltd. and ICBS Ltd. Announce Development of New Artificial Intelligence Medical Research Systems

Published: May 12, 2010

NEW YORK, NY, May 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - TrendSoft Ltd and partner ICBS Limited (ICBS) (OTCPK: ICBT),) announced today that TrendSoft Limited, will be developing a new artificial intelligence medical research system.

TrendSoft Ltd., announced today that it will be completing its on line systems tests, of its new software program Medi-Trend(R)

TrendSoft Ltd., has developed an artificial intelligence computer program called Medi-Trend(R) which is artificial intelligence support system that allows a user to develop medical information on a continuous and updated system that will add continually to the latest developments in the medical science whether they be from the research sector or clinic. Using all of the data available through the medical world, this system constantly updates and provides medical personnel with the latest information available even if this information is only hours old.

Medi-Trend(R) takes advantage of an Artificial Intelligence technique called evolutionary computing to simulate the strategy used by medical personnel who require complex and current information.

The system uses historical data along with all available news and information regarding the target subjects and builds a data base which then commits current up-to-date medical or research information on a continuous daily basis, thereby allowing Medi-Trend(R) to optimize the users strategy and project conditions that will allow the user to position themselves with the latest information.

This high speed informatics will provide medical users with the most up to date information available from clinic to research sectors.

"The new system is expected to go to clinical trials within the next four months" said Garth McIntosh, President of TrendSoft Ltd. " Once we have successfully completed the clinical trials, we are market ready within sixty days."

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