Therap Offers States and Counties Comprehensive Workflow for Intake, Case Management, Reporting and Documentation

WATERBURY, Conn., Feb. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Therap recognizes government, managed care organizations and large multi-state organizations have a unique set of challenges, from managing multiple providers and referrals to maintaining eligibility documentation and waiting list management, to case management and qualitative review of incidents and response. Therap worked alongside the State of North Dakota to replace their in-house legacy system, and has since built a suite of tools adaptable to the specific needs of individual states, multi-state organizations, managed care organizations and county-level oversight.

Therap's intake system allows for entry of documentation and assessments, while its eligibility platform features sections to upload all documentation supporting eligibility for service provision. Therap for States and Counties interfaces with third-party identity-matching systems and has built interfaces with legacy systems in multiple states to ensure data is consistent between systems during phase-out. Needs assessments can be completed and case planning initiated by either the state or initiating organization, with particular forms and demographic details shareable with service providers accepting referrals.

Case Management in the system allows for care coordinators and case managers to have a single login with access to all affiliated documentation within linked service providers. Therap's caseload access restricts view privileges to only those users designated to see individuals on their caseload, while user-based privileges determine what viewers may view or complete, update or approve on specific documents. Unified documents like support plans and nursing assessments may be completed by one provider entity and shared across the platform with separate providers, maintaining ownership of a document and adding full transparency of view history of the record by separate agencies.

States utilizing Therap's comprehensive incident management system can not only track and respond to critical incidents and perform investigative functions immediately upon entry by the provider's direct support staff, but they can communicate across channels and see the progress of an investigation or status of an incident or follow-up within the form itself, even if multiple providers have jurisdiction over an incident. Crucially, states can seamlessly see trends and perform predictive analysis of these critical incidents through dashboards and business intelligence tools within Therap.

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