Smartox Biotechnology Release: Animal Venom Drug Discovery Expert To Settle In Boston

Published: Sep 25, 2017

Boston, MA, September 25th 2017 - The worldwide expert in animal venom research Smartox Biotechnology based in France opens its first office in the USA to sustain its American development.

Venoms, a natural reservoir of drugs against pain, cancer, autoimmune disorders…

Venoms from animals are commonly known for their toxic effects. A venom is a small mixture of highly potent molecules named peptides. Taken one by one, this high potency can have beneficial properties to develop therapeutic compounds. Among a total number of 40 million existing venom peptides, only a few hundred have been characterized and already led to the discovery of 7 approved drugs in various indications (i.e. pain, diabetes, hypertension) and dozens are in development (autoimmune disorders, cancer, etc.).

Venom peptides demonstrate interesting properties as they have already been optimized by Nature to be injected in blood. They are highly stable and soluble thanks to their macrocyclic structure. They are known to be potent and selective modulators of membrane receptors such as GPCR and ion channels which are major class of therapeutic targets totaling 40% of the drug market. Venoms are promising sources of future membrane receptor targeting drugs and other applications are in “validation” such as insecticides, antimicrobial compounds or cargo to deliver drugs inside cells.

Smartox Biotechnology in the US

The company is focused on the discovery of peptides coming from animal venoms. It is developing therapeutic peptides coming from its unique VenomScreen compound library with major pharmaceutical companies including US non-disclosed companies. In order to facilitate its US partner’s relationship and initiate new ones, Smartox Biotechnology opens an office in the Boston area. Ms Aude-Marie Alem, a business developer of the company will take position in October 2017. Smartox Biotechnology

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