Silicon Biosystems S.p.A. Receives Leonardo Start-Up Prize

Published: Feb 19, 2013

ROME – Silicon Biosystems, S.p.A., a provider of specialized molecular and cellular biology technologies, was presented the Leonardo Start-up Prize for 2012 by Italian Republic President Giorgio Napolitano. The Leonardo Committee was formed in 1993 by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Confidustria, the Italian association of manufacturing and services companies, and the Foreign Commerce Agency to recognize entrepreneurs and individuals which have contributed significantly to a positive image of “made in Italy” and “Italian Quality.” The Start-up Prize, new in 2012, was created to recognize young companies that have demonstrated innovation, international success, and have created social impact.

About Silicon Biosystems

Silicon Biosystems, S.p.A. based in Bologna, Italy manufactures and sells the DEPArray™ platform which is based on the principle of dielectrophoresis to isolate and manipulate cells in suspension with a microelectronic array. The approach, patented by Silicon Biosystems, offers the unique ability to control individual cells and micro-particles inside a disposable cartridge. The DEPArray™ platform makes it possible to find, sort, select and separate individual cells for further analysis or culturing. For more information on Silicon Biosystems, visit

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