Shareholders Explore Strategic Options for Unisense FertiliTech A/S

Published: Feb 21, 2012

AARHUS, Denmark, February 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

After successfully developing Unisense FertiliTech A/S towards full commercialization of the EmbryoScope® Time-lapse System, the shareholders of FertiliTech announce that they have initiated a review of strategic ownership options for the Company which may lead to a sale in whole or in part. There is no specific timetable for this strategic review.

Unisense FertiliTech was founded in 2003 to develop technology to improve embryo assessment in human assisted reproduction. FertiliTech focuses on the promising area of time-lapse enabled embryo assessment and has developed the EmbryoScope® Time-lapse system, the EmbryoViewer® Workstation (Software) and related products. Through its products and groundbreaking technology, FertiliTech offers the IVF industry a paradigm shift and a future strategic platform for clinics, which will lead to higher pregnancy success rates and improved value for clinics and patients.

The Unisense group of companies, including FertiliTech, is focused on research and development of novel technologies for selected niches of the medical and life science industries. FertiliTech is now at the stage where the next step is full commercialization and further roll-out on a global scale. In addition to already launched products, FertiliTech has a highly attractive pipeline of new products in the development phase which hold significant commercial potential within the IVF industry. The Company is currently in a position to execute its strategy and roll-out plan on a stand-alone basis in the coming years; However FertiliTech's shareholders see even greater growth under a new strategic ownership supporting the further commercialization and development of the pipeline.

FertiliTech's shareholders have retained SEB Enskilda Corporate Finance to assist in the evaluation of strategic ownership options for the Company.

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