SeekIn Presents New Data Supporting its Pan-cancer Early Detection Test at the Early Detection of Cancer Conference 2022


The large case-control study demonstrates that SeekInCare® has 68.0% sensitivity at 98.0% specificity in 27 different cancer types as a whole.

In both retrospective and prospective studies, the solid performance of SeekInCare® puts it into best-in-class category of multi-cancer early detection (MCED) test.

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SeekIn Inc, a leader in blood-based cancer early detection and monitoring technology, today announced the results of pan-cancer early detection test SeekInCare® were presented at The 2022 Early Detection of Cancer Conference in Portland, Oregon.

At present, the majority of deadly cancers do not have standard-of-care screening paradigms available and the existing screenings have challenges in patient compliance due to the invasive procedures endured from the tests. As a result, most cancers are detected until they have progressed to late stages when chances of survival are much lower.

"Currently, the five-year survival rate for cancer patients in China is 39%, compared with 68% in the United States. The key to the difference in the survival rates between China and the United States is cancer screening, which reduces disease- and treatment-related morbidity, increases the likelihood of treatment success, improves quality of life, and reduces treatment cost and complexity," said Mao Mao, M.D., Ph.D., SeekIn's founder and CEO. "SeekInCare, a blood-based pan-cancer detection approach, holds promise for identifying asymptomatic cancer patients from general population through a single blood draw."

SeekInCare, a novel multidimensional cancer risk score (CRS) model, incorporating copy number aberrations (CNA), fragment size (FS), end motifs and cancer related viruses via shallow whole genome sequencing (sWGS) from cell-free DNA (cfDNA), and seven plasma tumor markers (PTMs). The case-control study included 616 stage I-IV cancer patients that cover 8 common cancers and 19 other types, and 898 healthy subjects. SeekInCare identified 419 cancer patients with 68.0% sensitivity at 98.0% specificity, resulting in an AUC (area under the curve) of 0.916. Compared with multi-cancer detection in the retrospective validation cohorts from GRAIL and Exact Sciences, SeekInCare had a similar performance if not better. Moreover, the sensitivities were 49.0%, 61.3%, 72.5% and 85.4% in stages I, II, III and IV respectively.

To further assess SeekInCare's performance, it was evaluated in a real-world cohort consisting of 604 subjects (median follow-up time: 404 days). 12 cancer cases were detected while nine subjects tested positive but without cancer. Only one subject was tested negative and subsequently diagnosed with stage I thyroid cancer. Thus, SeekInCare achieved 92.3% sensitivity, 97.7% specificity, 57.1% PPV and 99.7% NPV in the real-world cohort. These data demonstrated that the performance of SeekInCare is similar to the data generated by GRAIL and Johns Hopkins University in prospective setting.

"There are different technical approaches for blood-based pan-cancer/multi-cancer early detection. These clinical studies demonstrated the solid performance of our technology," said Dr. Mao, "In addition, SeekInCare had received CE-IVD Mark approval which represents a significant milestone for SeekIn in bringing SeekInCare test to the other countries besides China, allowing more people to access the cutting-edge, convenient, non-invasive and cost-effective cancer early detection technology."

About SeekIn

SeekIn Inc is a biotech company founded in early 2018 in Shenzhen, China, focusing on blood-based pan-cancer early detection utilizing next-generation sequencing and artificial intelligence. Since founded, SeekIn has been committed to providing cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions for cancer early detection, postoperative recurrence monitoring, and treatment response evaluation. SeekIn also developed novel molecular tests for leukemia patients. Its cancer early detection technology has been applied to canines as well. With its proprietary technical advances, SeekIn has launched a number of research and clinical studies in collaboration with top-tier hospitals in China. SeekIn envisions that by leading a new norm for cancer early detection the clinical outcome of mid-/late-stage cancer patients can be reversed and the cancer mortality rate can be reduced by 15%. For more information about SeekIn's cutting-edge technologies and products, visit


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