See Dr. Emily Porter on KXAN TV's Studio 512 With A Non-Drug Treatment, GAINSWave, For Erectile Dysfunction!


LEANDER, Texas,  /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Porter shares exciting information on GAINSWave®, the breakthrough treatment protocol to improve male sexual performance, enable better erections and treat a major cause of erectile dysfunction. In her STUDIO 512 guest segment, Dr. Porter explains that GAINSWave® therapy can play an important role in enhancing a man's sexual performance and for the treatment of ED symptoms. Link to the TV segment:

GAINSWave® is offered by a growing number of providers across the country, using a protocol developed to ensure treatment is performed under uniform guidelines for safety, efficacy and consistent results. This therapy employs a mild form of "sound wave" (also known as "shockwave") energy to reduce micro-plaque in tiny blood vessels and helps to spur new blood vessel growth, allowing for more normal function to return.

Over 40 clinical studies show how shockwave therapy provides significant improvement in the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. The GAINSWave® protocol was developed to ensure that doctors are providing treatment under uniform guidelines for safety, efficacy and consistent results. Today, thousands of patients have benefited from GAINSWave® therapy. Call us today to learn more or to arrange a consultation!

Dr. Porter of WrinkleFree MD Med Spa is a board-certified emergency physician with 10 years of experience in emergency rooms prior to her career in aesthetics. Dr. Porter re-trained in aesthetic medicine to help create a better life balance and to foster stronger doctor-patient relationships than those the emergency room allowed. WrinkleFree MD Med Spa combines the reassurance of medical expertise with a natural compassion to help clients feel more confident both on the inside and the outside.

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