ScienCell Research Laboratories A Unique Provider Of Primary Schwann Cells Worldwide

Published: Nov 08, 2016

CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ScienCell Research Laboratories, Inc. is a unique supplier of primary Human Schwann Cells ( to the scientific research community. Schwann cells are glial cells that protect and insulate nerves in the peripheral nervous system.

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"There are numerous cell types, such as Schwann cells, which were not commercially available to scientists conducting research. Our goal is to "help the scientists of today to discover the science of tomorrow" said James Shen, CEO, ScienCell Research Laboratories, Inc. "The scientists using our primary cells are dedicated to researching and developing potential therapies to significantly improve the quality of life for patients with various diseases."  

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The Schwann cell is the principal accessory cell in the peripheral nervous system and has been involved in many important aspects of nerve biology. It interacts with nerve axons to generate myelin. There are many biological and functional questions about Schwann cells which could be best studied with a pure population of cultured cells. Schwann cells from ScienCell have been used to study demyelinating neuropathies and to identify changes in gene expression, providing tools for early diagnosis and treatment of demyelinating diseases and spinal cord injuries. They have been used to identify potential targets for treatment of Schwannoma, a benign brain tumor, which can cause debilitating symptoms including paralysis, hearing loss, and impaired eye movement. Furthermore, scientists have used ScienCell Schwann cells to study diabetes-induced nerve damage. Numerous scientific papers have been published using ScienCell's Schwann cells and are located at the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health website. Visit ScienCell website ( to learn more.  

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ScienCell Research Laboratories, established in 1999, provides over 260 human and animal primary cell types and over 70 different types of specialty media for experimental use worldwide. To complement the vast array of  primary cells, ScienCell also offers molecular biology products, cell-based assay kits, stem cells products and newly trademarked GeneQuery qPCR array kits and primers for gene expression profiling. Their products have been used in over 1500+ scientific publications.

ScienCell was the first company in the world to freeze neurons and introduced the first human primary neuron product in 2002. ScienCell is headquartered in Carlsbad, California with distributors around the globe. For more information see Or call 1-877-602-8549 (from U.S. and Canada) or email at  

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