PLC Systems, Inc. Granted U.S. Method Patent for RenalGuard®

Published: Jun 06, 2013

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New York, NY - On June 6, 2013, PLC Systems announced that the company was granted a new method patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office entitled, "Patient Hydration Method." The patent covers the use of RenalGuard Therapy and the RenalGuard device to protect the kidneys from therapeutic agents such as those used in the treatment of cancer or serious infections that are potentially toxic to the kidneys.

This patent greatly expands the company’s intellectual property position. PLC's existing core patents cover the use of the RenalGuard technology to reduce the risk of acute kidney injury stemming from exposure to contrast agents which specifically lead to contrast-induced acute kidney injury.

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Company Description:

PLC Systems Inc. (PLCSF: OTC BB), a medical technology company headquartered in Milford, MA, has developed RenalGuard, a forced diuresis system for hydrating high-risk (with pre-existing renal failure) patients who are subjected to contrast-enhanced medical imaging procedures. Such patients are at risk for contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN), kidney damage stemming from exposure to intravenously administered contrast media. As standard hydration protocols do not adequately protect high-risk patients from CIN, RenalGuard potentially addresses an unmet need in millions of patients.

RenalGuard is an automated closed-loop fluid replacement controller. It promotes a high volume of urine output (diuresis) which it precisely monitors and measures. It intravenously replaces the exact amount of fluid that has been excreted, maintaining the proper fluid balance within the kidneys. By continuous fluid replacement and the use of a diuretic (which increase the formation of urine), RenalGuard aims to produce high urine flow rates, rapidly “flushing” potentially toxic contrast agents and minimizing damage to the kidneys.

RenalGuard is CE marked and is already on the market in Europe. A US Phase II/III clinical trial started in January 2012, setting the stage for US release after FDA approval.

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