Optivia Biotechnology Inc. Launches Comprehensive Assay Suite to Assess Transporter-Related Drug-Drug Interactions and Improve Drug Safety

Published: May 11, 2010

MENLO PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Optivia Biotechnology Inc., a leading provider of in vitro transporter assay services, today announced the launch of the OptiDDITM Suite, a novel assay panel that assesses the most clinically significant transporter-related drug-drug interactions (DDIs), as identified by the International Transporter Consortium (ITC) in its report “Membrane Transporters in Drug Development” (Nature Reviews-Drug Discovery, March 2010). The FDA Advisory Committee for Pharmaceutical Science and Clinical Pharmacology also recently voted that new molecular entities (NMEs) be routinely evaluated during drug development for the transporter-mediated DDIs identified by the ITC.

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