Mott Corporation Release: Porous Metal Products Provide Advantages for Food and Beverage Production

Published: Feb 20, 2013

Farmington, CT (Feb, 2013) – Mott’s porous metal components and filters enable more efficient processing and increase productivity in food and beverage process applications.

Porous metal is effectively used in many aspects of food and beverage processing including bulking and debulking, carbonation, filtration, floatation, venting, aeration, oil hydrogenation, fermentation, steam injection and oxygen stripping. In addition, Mott inertial gas sampling filters collect clean in-process samples from particle-laden streams eliminating damage to a plant’s sensitive monitoring equipment.

Mott’s porous metal components have also been used to create 3- dimensional vacuum molds that produce specific ‘shapes’ from slurries and batters such as cookie, candy, chicken and fish. Mott’s porous metal diffusers are used in food packaging operations to gently blow open containers with nitrogen to displace air which extends product shelf life. Spargers are widely used in the production of fruit juices, wine, beer and other beverages to remove oxygen, add carbonation, enhance flavor, and extend shelf-life. Porous metal is also used in filtration systems used in oil hydrogenation to recover expensive catalysts (virtually 100%) with a minimum of product loss.

Mott’s porous metal media has the distinct advantages of uniform and high-precision porosity, strength and durability, resistance to corrosion, tolerance of high temperatures and pressures, and cleanability. Those are the reasons Plant Engineers and Process Development Managers are looking to Mott to help change dated processing operations into more efficient, dynamic production lines.

Mott has design teams that continually engineer porous metal components, sub-assemblies and finished products for applications in a wide variety of industries including biotechnology, medical, chemical, petrochemical, instrumentation, semiconductor, and alternative energy.

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