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Published: Dec 16, 2010

FARMINGTON, CT [December 2010] – Mott Corporation’s filter systems have recently been integrated in a commercial-scale plant for the conversion of Methanol to Olefins. Catalyst powder is used to facilitate the conversion process. Since some of this powder is lost from the reactor vent during the process, Mott filter systems are installed to recover the catalyst from the scrubbing water.

Methanol is produced from natural gas, oil, or coal. Olefins are the raw materials for making polypropylene and polyethylene plastics. The processing plant located in China contains rich coal reserves, but burning the coal creates major air pollution problems. The Methanol to Olefins process offers a path to converting the coal into useful industrial chemicals without burning.

Mott specializes in developing effective all-metal process filtration systems that improve process efficiencies, protect customer equipment investments and simplify the process of installing as well as maintaining large process systems. Mott products are the optimal solutions for high-temperature and harsh corrosive environments. Applications currently utilizing Mott’s filter systems include catalyst recovery, gasification, FCC slurry oil, FCC flue and hopper vent filtration, polishing of corrosive liquids and gases, process steam filtration, and guard filtration for fixed bed reactors.

Mott’s process systems team consists of experts in the field of filtration and separation technologies. Each system is designed and supported from concept, to pilot, to full-scale implementation. Technical and customer service, in addition to quality product and long in-service life, make Mott the premiere filtration resource to the process industries.

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