Mott Corporation Introduces Patent Pending Sterilizing Grade Filter Media

Published: Jan 24, 2012

FARMINGTON, CT, January 2012 – Mott Corporation will display a newly developed filtration media to the audience at the MD&M West tradeshow at Booth #2862, February 14-16, 2012. This revolutionary filter media is all-metal and performs sterilizing grade filtration that meets ASTM F838-05 for bacterial retention.

Mott’s sterilizing grade filters offer a unique solution for industry devices that require a stronger, more durable and longer lasting product. It is biocompatible, impervious to solvents, and compatible with most organic compounds and complex drug chemistries. The media is offered in 316L stainless steel as well as titanium and is engineered for external use or for integration in implantable devices.

Mott’s sintered porous metal products offer exceptional reliability, long life, and accurate performance. Some products currently integrating porous metal include various implantable devices, filters to prevent plugging of catheters, drug delivery devices, medical instrumentation, various test filters, bacteria filters, sparging devices for cell culture processing, and gas flow restrictor devices for gas delivery in life-critical systems. It has also been used to filter carrier gases and cryogenic fluids, as vents for bioreactors and fermentor vessels, and as site markers used in the human body.

In addition to the fact that porous metal offers unique design and performance benefits, porous metal can be autoclaved, sterilized or completely recycled; an important attribute as we look for ways to conserve on the consumption of resources, energy and space used for landfills.

Mott has a specialized team of experts who work specifically with medical device designers, engineers, and manufacturers on projects that pave the way to tomorrow’s technologies.

Established in 1959, Mott Corporation has long been dedicated to applying sintered porous metal to gas and liquid filtration and flow product concepts. Our products are used by customers in industries such as medical device, medical instrumentation, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor, analytical instrumentation, aerospace, and chromatography just to name a few. To request a additional information, call 1-860-747-6333 or E-mail: For more information about Mott, visit our website at Mott Corporation, 84 Spring Lane, Farmington, CT 06032-3159.

Media Contact: Patty Dillon, Marketing Manager, (860) 747-6333;

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